When only the highest quality finish will do, UniMac’s heated roll flatwork finishers deliver seriously superior results. We offer seven models to meet the needs of any size operation.

There are seven models to choose from:

Micro Control
The Micro Control allows for pre-sets of temperature and speed settings. The temperature range is 176º F to 350ºF. There are seven speed settings to assist in getting the precise speed for the linen type and moisture content. When finished at the end of a day, simply press the stop button and the control will allow the roll to continue to turn until it reaches a safe temperature of 176º F before the roll completely stops. When you start the day, the control turns the roll at the lowest speed until it reaches 176º F to allow for more efficient energy use.

Lower Utility Costs
The quality construction of UniMac ironers does more than ensure durability and lasting performance – it will also help you save on energy costs. Thicker steel and a 300° angle of contact allow our machines to achieve a lower Btu consumption, while our specialized micro control allows for a wide array of energy-saving settings.

Focused on Safety
Designed to be as safe as possible, a stop bar prevents operators from placing their hands too close to the machine, and a sophisticated alarm system indicates when any of the components are not working properly.

Peace of Mind
Our limited parts warranty includes non-textile components against failure from defect in material or workmanship during the first year.