UniMac Mid Performance On Premise Washers

With all the durability, efficiency and innovation of high-performance models, UniMac mid-performance washer extractors are designed for facilities that do not require super-high G-Force extraction but still want to take advantage of the industry‚Äôs lowest cost of ownership. These industrial washing machine workhorses come ready to deliver reduced costs and optimized throughput to on-premises laundry facilities in industries of all types and sizes.   Needs
  • Seasonal or medium use
  • Part-time, dual-source labor
  • Improved utility costs
  • Small hotel, mid-sized nursing home or fire station use
  Control Option – M30 Our state-of-the-art microprocessor includes leading features that you need to make your laundry room operate efficiently. Customizable programs give you the flexibility to meet your specific needs, including 30 programmable water levels and 30 programmable cycles designed to reduce your utility costs. You’ll also benefit from advanced diagnostic capabilities and the ability to program the control manually from a PDA or remote laptop.   Our New Value Line – At a Glance
  • Industrial construction is built to run 24/7
  • Helps reduce drying time and increase throughput with a 200 G-Force hardmount
  • Bigger motor has 67 percent more horsepower than cabinet washer-extractors
  • Handles unbalanced loads effortlessly
  • 34.12″ width easily fits through 36″ commercial doorways
  • Perforated cylinder ribs maximize wash action
  • Auto leak detection greatly reduces water loss due to valve blockages or failures
  • Six bolts with vertical wrench access make installation easier
Model Capacity Control
  UW045K2M   45 lbs Download Brochure M30
UW065K2M   65 lbs Download Brochure M30
UWN085K2M   85 lbs Download Brochure M30
UWN105K2M   105 lbs Download Brochure M30
UWN130K2M   130 lbs Download Brochure M30