Unimac On-Premise Laundry Equipment for Fire Stations

For over 51 years, AAdvantage Laundry Systems and UniMac® have strived to meet the unique requirements of the firefighting trade. In partnership with our customers, we make an effort to discover and resolve the main issues they deal with daily, while simultaneously providing the least costly ownership expenditures in the business.

Made To Suit Your Requirements

  • UniMac equipment satisfies the conditions of NFPA 1851 cleaning specifications.
  • Made of heavy-duty Gamma A-frame and covered under our industry’s top warranty, UniMac equipment has the toughness to hold up through the day-to-day operation of a fire station.
  • The greatest difficulty posed by most firehouse laundry is making your bunker gear dirt-free while not degrading the safety attributes of the cutting-edge fabric. Our full line of washing machines uses a mixture of processes to attain this objective, such as introducing laundry compounds under the water surface to guarantee correct dispersion, preventing damage to your gear.
  • Washing doesn’t pose the only risk of harming your bunker gear; quite a few dryers may expose gear to excessive heat or friction in an attempt to shorten in-service turnover time. It was with this challenge in mind that we created the PPE Drying Cabinet, which makes the hot air circulate around your gear thoroughly, allowing it to dry fast without any deterioration.
  • Our flexible machines allow you to readily adjust to modifications in gear-handling methods. Also, our programmable controls permit you to customize washer cycles to the special requirements of any single load.


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