Unimac On-Premise Laundry for Campus

Providing a combination of sturdiness, ease of use and economical operation, UniMac is ideally suited for on-campus applications. Features such as programmable wash cycles and OPTidry™ Over-dry Prevention Technology ensure minimum waste of resources and improved turnover time, maximizing machine availability.

Made To Suit Your Requirements

  • Built to stand up to the rigors of an on-campus laundry room, UniMac equipment minimizes downtime, making more machines available to students on a more reliable basis.
  • Up-to-date features such as OPTispray™ Rinsing Technology, 400 G-Force extraction and OPTidry Over-dry Prevention Technology ensure that wash is done quickly, thus reducing wait times.
  • UniLinc™ washer extractor controls, combined with other energy-saving features, result in considerable reductions in water and energy use.
  • Easy-to-use, programmable machine controls make doing laundry easier and more hassle-free than ever.
  • The cost to own UniMac products is the lowest in the industry, which allows savings to be passed on to students.


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