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We will be implementing paperless billing.  The cutoff for mailed copies will be February 15, 2022.  Please update your email address via the contact form to ensure billing is not interrupted.  Or you may email us at [email protected].

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Girbau Industrial

Girbau Industrial

Girbau Industrial products drive down cost by making your laundry operation more efficient.

Big Dreams Come True

Big Dreams Come True

For Experienced Owners

Fixed Rates Starting at 3.99%
No Origination Fees
90 Days No Payments, 90 Days Interest Only

For New Owners

Fixed Rates Starting at 6.24%
Packages Start at $10,000
6 Months Interest Only

Maytag Financing

Maytag Financing

July 1 – December 31

Get financing rates as low as 4.99% for up to 36 months. Make your next commercial laundry purchase a Maytag.

Until the end of this year, customers have the option of financing for 36 months with 0% APR for the first 6 months and 5.99% APR for the remaining 30 months OR pay 5.99% APR for 60 months.



A low cost, all inclusive laundry leasing solution.

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AAdvantage Laundry Systems, founded in 1996, is one of the largest volume distributors in the South. We offer turn-key solutions for on-premise laundries, vended laundries, and industrial laundries, which include design and layout services, financing or leasing options, a full-service department, construction consultation, business projections, site location demographics, and evaluation of green-friendly alternatives to reduce energy consumption and operating expenses. AAdvantage Laundry Systems carries a full range of commercial and industrial laundry equipment, ozone systems, ironers, and finishing equipment.

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We Sell & Service laundry equipment from Dexter, Continental Girbau, Maytag, Whirlpool, Econ-O, LG and B&C Technologies.

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What's New at AAdvantage Laundry Systems

4 Benefits of Upgrading Your Facilities On-Premise Laundry

Are you thinking about investing in new commercial laundry equipment? Some of the advantages are obvious, while others are less so. When you upgrade your on-premise washing facility, you’re not just replacing outdated equipment with newer, better ones; you’re also improving your workflow and making your staff’s duties less demanding. You’ll also have total control…

A Guide to Cleaning and Sanitation of Firefighter Turnout Gear – What You Need to Know to Meet NEPA 1851 Guidelines

Today’s fire outbreaks are more dangerous than ever before. What you may not think about is that buildings are constructed with more than just wood, bricks, and glass. When flames interact with the synthetic material, electronic equipment, and plastic in these buildings, it causes the release of carcinogens into the atmosphere. Once released, these carcinogens…

NFPA Requirements Regarding the Firefighter PPE Cleaning Equipment

Fire outbreaks today are more dangerous than ever. Buildings are built with a lot more than just wood, bricks, and glass. When flames interact with synthetic material, electronic equipment, and plastic, it causes carcinogens to be released into the atmosphere. Once released, these carcinogens can lead to fatal illnesses, including myeloma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, prostate, and…

5 Benefits of Using Ozone in Your On-Premise Laundry

When it comes to your on-premise laundry facility’s needs, adding an extra layer of defense to your laundry operation is necessary.  Ozone treatment systems prevent cross-contamination. Ozone wash is a revolutionary laundering process that uses a powerful oxidizing gas. Ozone laundry systems create ozone by combining oxygen and electricity. The ozone is then dissolved in the…

Hard Mount Vs Soft Mount Commercial Washer

Have you ever wondered if you need to use a hard-mount or a soft-mount commercial washer? Let’s look at the differences in both the technical and installation factors to consider. Hard Mount Commercial Washer Sometimes called solid-mount or rigid-mount machines, hard-mount machines are usually secured to a concrete floor or in certain instances, a separate…

5 Advantages of Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Animal Care Business

Animal hospitals, clinics, kennels, and stables, like human hospitals, require clean laundry. Towels, bedding, lab coats, horse blankets, and other linen must be sanitized in order to limit the transmission of disease and speed up healing. Soiled and potentially contagious linen must be cleaned thoroughly using the right combination of chemicals, water temperature, mechanical action,…

5 Ways To Make Your On Premise Laundry More Efficient

It’s no secret that hotel laundry is a significant expense for your property  Inefficient laundry equipment can cost you time, money, and impact customer satisfaction. As technology advances and expenses rise, one thing is certain: energy efficiency is a key issue. Investing in energy-saving, on-premise laundry equipment technologies is a smart approach to save money…

Back to School- Laundromat Owners Edition: 4 Things You Need to Know as College Student Go Back to School

Summer is coming to an end. That means that educators and students all around the country are getting prepared to come to school. The back-to-school season is also a busy period for laundromat owners. Thousands of college students will be bringing clothing, bedding, towels, etc into dorms, student housing, and apartments around the country. All…

Frequently Asked Questions About Extractors and Turnout Gear for Fire Departments

AAdvantage Laundry Systems is the top provider of Dexter commercial laundry equipment to fire departments and municipalities throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina. We can assist you in lowering costs, staying on budget, and maximizing available grant funds. In our service region, we are uniquely suited to handle Request for Proposal…

4 Reasons Why your Gym Should Offer On-Premise Laundry

Laundry equipment is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about running a successful gym, athletic center, or health and wellness club. Facility directors, managers, and trainers are always searching for ways to differentiate their facility, and commercial laundry equipment may be the answer! When it comes to increasing productivity,…