Why Your Business Should Invest in an On-Premise Laundry Solution

If you’re exploring the advantages of on-premise laundry equipment, you’re probably already using a commercial laundry service or linen rental service, or you’re in the early phases of developing your business and want to assess the advantages and disadvantages of in-house vs off-site laundry.

When considering if an on-premise laundry is right for you, there are three primary factors: cost savings, quality control, and turnaround time. We’ll take a quick look at each of these areas to enable you to make the best decision for your business.

Cost Savings 

Because each organization is different, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will meet all of your laundry requirements. However, whether you would benefit from handling your laundry in-house or not is mostly determined by volume: the more laundry you generate, the more OPL will benefit you.

Many company owners may be hesitant to invest the money required to set up an in-house laundry. However, whether you finance or lease your laundry equipment, you will experience cost reductions right away. Compared to utilizing an outside linen service, an OPL can save you up to 40% on linen service and laundry. AAdvantage Laundry Systems takes pride in partnering with businesses in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and the Carolinas to develop custom laundry solutions that fit their unique needs.why your business should invest in an on-premise laundry solution 1

Quality Control

While many professional laundry services adhere to strict guidelines, doing your laundry on-site provides you total control over the process and allows you to extend the life of your linen.  When residue is baked into your linens during the drying process, it causes yellowing or greying. Our high-speed OPL washers take far more water and residue from linens, decreasing drying time and safeguarding your linens. 

Hospitals and other healthcare institutions must adhere to the strictest sanitation regulations. Barrier washers are installed in-house to provide the best protection against the transmission of germs and cross diseases. A benefit of an on-premise laundry allows your care facility complete control over the laundry process, ensuring the safety of your patients.

Fast Turnaround Times 

Using an off-site laundry service for weekly pick-up and drop-off necessitates a significantly larger inventory of linens than doing your laundry on-site. Maintaining and replacing such a large supply of towels or linens might be an inefficient use of your company’s resources, and an on-premise laundry could help you save a lot of money. Most linens can be washed and dried in about an hour with modern, high-quality laundry equipment such as the Dexter O- series and 6-cycle machines. Operating onsite laundry has a lot of advantages, one of which is the significantly faster turn-around.

on premise laundryContact the On-Premise Laundry Pros 

If you’ve decided to run an on-premise laundry for your company, you’ll want to make sure you get the most out of it by working with a professional, dependable commercial laundry equipment distributor. Don’t hesitate to contact AAdvantage Laundry Systems if you have any questions about on-premise laundry for your business. We exclusively sell top-of-the-line commercial laundry equipment like Dexter Laundry and offer a variety of business support services. We handle everything from installation through maintenance, repairs, and replacement parts.