4 Benefits of Upgrading Your Facilities On-Premise Laundry

Are you thinking about investing in new commercial laundry equipment? Some of the advantages are obvious, while others are less so. When you upgrade your on-premise washing facility, you're not just replacing outdated equipment with newer, better ones; you're also improving your workflow and making your staff's duties less demanding.

You'll also have total control over your laundry with an updated on-premise laundry.   You won't have to worry about missing items or service delays like if you use a laundry service. Advanced sanitizing systems are also available, so you won't have to worry about bacteria cross-contamination. AAdvantage Laundry Systems offers up some top benefits for the investment to help you consider if and when you’re planning on an upgrade.

Reduce Costs

4 benefits of upgrading your facilities on-premise laundry 1

Although it may appear paradoxical, purchasing new equipment will actually save you money. Old washers and dryers, like many other appliances, have lower energy and water efficiency standards, and therefore don't run as well as they used to.

With newer machines, you may choose between single-load and heavy-duty versions that can handle up to 135 pounds of dirty laundry. These powerhouses are also more efficient and have higher energy and water consumption regulations. Because the washers run and operate at a higher G-force such as the Dexter T-975, more water is extracted and drying times are greatly decreased. Many new Dexter models also include smart dosing, which automatically supplies the appropriate quantity of chemicals for the most effective cleaning while minimizing waste.

By updating your on-premise laundry facilities, you may save your utility charges and costs while increasing your productivity.

Better Wash Quality 

When you work in a business that relies on a steady stream of clean laundry, achieving the best wash possible is essential. When sheets have stains and aren't properly washed, it may be unsettling for your visitors and guests, especially in the hospitality, healthcare, or restaurant business.  The longer without laundering dirty linens, the more likely it is that stains may form. Stains may be avoided by washing your soiled laundry as soon as it reaches the facility.

Upgraded machines can not only clean your laundry faster, but they can also clean them better.

Your upgraded machines will have significantly superior cleaning technology, allowing you to do a lot more with a lot less energy and product. Dexter O-Series on-premise washers feature ultimate flexibility. With 100 cycles made up of 20 stages, you’ll have the flexibility and precision you need. Industry-specific cycles and DexterLive.com make O-Series controls easier than ever to program. Special cycles and heated models are available for applications where precision is critical.

Less Maintenance 

Older laundry equipment tends to break down frequently.   Machines can become unreliable if they have been overused, are not properly maintained, or are just old. Having an equipment break on you may be detrimental to your business.

When you have fewer machines in service, that means that your staff will be spending more time doing laundry. Your clean laundry turnaround will slow, and dirty laundry will build up.  This slowed productivity can cost you money, but so can repairs.  Every time a machine breaks down, you might end up paying hundreds of dollars on repairs.  As your machines get older, you’re probably getting way more visits from the repair technician than your budget can afford. 

Upgrading your on-premise laundry means reliable machines, fewer service calls, and a more productive workday. 


4 benefits of upgrading your facilities on-premise laundry 2


Many businesses are increasingly opting to be environmentally friendly by reducing their environmental effect. Many eco-friendly groups have developed to set energy and water consumption regulations, particularly for the hospitality industry. You may earn badges and certificates for minimizing your environmental impact by upgrading your on-premise laundry facility.

Being environmentally conscious is a noble option, but it can also help you impress guests. Displaying your certified environmental awareness can help you attract environmentally sensitive customers.

If you own a hotel, you may participate in one of the numerous green hotel initiatives. If you work in a different field, check out the Energy Star program, which covers criteria for lodging, small businesses, buildings, and plants. Take it a step further and incorporate some eco-friendly laundry room ideas as well. You will not only save money but also the environment.

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AAdvantage Laundry Systems supplies the highest quality commercial laundry equipment in the business, with top brands like Dexter and factory-authorized specialists to help you choose the correct equipment. Putting off your next upgrade might mean missing out on potential profits, and we can assist you in getting started. Contact a knowledgeable staff member today.