Benefits of Upgrading Your On Premise Laundry Facility

Upgrading commercial laundry equipment can be intimidating for any business. However, we are here to alleviate any concerns you may have because there are several benefits to updating your commercial laundry equipment. When you upgrade your on-premise laundry facility, you are not only replacing outdated equipment with newer, better pieces of equipment, but you also have the ability to optimize your workflow and make your staff’ duties less demanding.

Additionally, you will have complete control over your laundry with a new laundry facility on-site. You won’t have to worry about lost items or service delays with a laundry service. You may even choose advanced sanitizing systems like Articlean Ozone that eliminate the risk of bacterial cross-contamination. We have put together a few reasons on promise laundry managers are making the change: 

Higher Quality Equipment

When you eventually upgrade to new laundry equipment, the first thing you’ll wonder is why you didn’t do it sooner. The Dexter O-Series washers give you complete control over your laundry. You’ll get the maximum ability to design unique cycles with the accuracy you want with 100 cycles made up of 20 stages. pre-programmed industry-specific cycles. All Dexter washers can resist a 1,000-hour test at maximum extract with a severe out-of-balance load.   

Dexter Dryers are also equipped with the Dexter Moisture Detection System.  When the appropriate dryness level is attained, the cycle is stopped, extending linen life, saving on utilities, reducing labor, and increasing throughput. The latest machines also have an option for a  reversing tumbler, which minimizes roping in large loads and reduces dry time substantially.

Cost Savings

It may appear contradictory, but purchasing new commercial laundry equipment will actually save you money. Old washers and dryers, like many other appliances, have lower energy and water efficiency standards, and therefore don’t run as well as they used to.

With the latest commercial washers and dryers, you may choose between single-load and heavy-duty versions that can handle up to 135 pounds of soiled clothing. These powerhouses are also more efficient and have greater energy and water consumption regulations. Because the washers run at a greater G-force, more water is removed and drying periods are greatly decreased. Many newer models, like the Dexter O Series and Continental Girbau Soft and Hardmounts, also include smart dosing, which automatically supplies the appropriate quantity of chemicals for the most effective cleaning while minimizing waste. By updating your on-premise laundry washers and dryers, you can reduce your electricity consumption and costs while increasing your productivity.

Fewer Breakdowns and Savings on Maintenance 

Older commercial laundry machines can break down frequently, and replacement parts are hard to come by, especially with today’s supply chain issue. Laundry equipment can become unreliable if the machines have been overused, neglected, or are just old. Having equipment fail on you can be detrimental to your business. 

Less operating machines equals more time doing laundry. It will take you more time to process your laundry, and that means not only will your laundry pile up, but you will have to pay more in labor. When a machine goes down, you might find yourself paying hundreds of dollars in repairs. As your laundry equipment ages, you’re likely to have many more visits from repair technicians than you can afford.

Upgrading your on-premise laundry facility means fewer service calls and a more productive workday.

Eco-Friendly: Save the Planet

Many businesses are increasingly opting to be environmentally friendly by reducing their environmental impact. Many eco-friendly groups have developed to set energy and water consumption regulations, particularly for the hotel industry. You may earn badges and certificates for minimizing your environmental impact by modernizing your on-premise washing facilities.

Being environmentally conscious is a noble decision, but it may also help you attract guests. Displaying your certified environmental awareness might help you attract eco-sensitive clients.

If you own a hotel, you may participate in one of the many green hotel initiatives. If you are in a different industry, such as health and fitness, a salon or spa, or a dairy farm or food processing plant, check out the Energy Star program, which covers criteria for housing, small businesses, buildings, and plants.

Work with AAdvantage Laundry Systems 

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