4 Tips for Successfully Upgrading Your Multi-Housing Laundry Room

If you’re planning to upgrade your vended laundry equipment in your shared laundry space, we have compiled some helpful tips. The benefits of upgrading your space include increased tenant satisfaction, more revenue, and improved perception. If your multi-housing laundry needs a fresh look or a few upgrades, read on for cost-effective ways to enhance your laundry room.

Find Out What Tenants Want 

Take the time to talk to the current tenants using the laundry room. From card or smartphone-based payment systems to additional washers and dryers, find out how you can help serve their needs and make the laundry room more appealing. By considering requests and feedback, you can keep existing tenants comfortable and reduce turnover.

Upgrade with Energy Efficient Machines & Smart Payment Systems

Machines that are in good condition with minimal maintenance issues are essential to overall satisfaction. By leasing high-quality machines you can help ensure tenant satisfaction. New energy-efficient machines can significantly lower your utility costs. Staying current with your vended laundry equipment allows you to save utility costs due to advanced features like auto water leak detection, auto shutdown, low power mode, programmable water levels, and more. By choosing card-based, or app-based payment systems, you eliminate the need for coins and make things more convenient for your tenants. Heartland and KioSoft payment systems allow tenants to check machine availability and receive text notifications of cycle status so machines can be monitored remotely.

While the cost of a full suite of equipment may seem prohibitive, leasing equipment through a reputable provider such as AAdvantage Laundry Systems can help a landlord upgrade their laundry systems at a fraction of the cost. The RightRoute program can help you build or upgrade your tenant laundry facilities for a low monthly fee.

Keep the Area Safe 

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure when using community facilities. Making improvements to the equipment, layout, and design of the communal laundry area in your apartment is an ideal time to update security as well. Investing in surveillance systems, installing a safe door, and opting for non-slip flooring will all go a long way to making people feel comfortable. Security features are also a selling point that you can use to stand out from the competition in your current marketing efforts and open houses.

Create a Positive Experience

The laundry room is a shared space where tenants interact on a semi-regular basis. Don’t miss the opportunity to offer laundry room amenities to improve the tenant experience. For example, install a vending machine for laundry supplies or one for food and drinks.

With an organized, upgraded, and clean laundry facility, you can improve overall tenant satisfaction while maximizing the benefits to the property manager. The benefits include lower utility costs, increased revenue, and reduced renter turnover. AAdvantage Laundry Systems can equip your laundry room with top-of-the-line Maytag Laundry systems to provide the best possible OPL experience.