5 Benefits of Using Ozone in Your On-Premise Laundry

When it comes to your on-premise laundry facility’s needs, adding an extra layer of defense to your laundry operation is necessary.  Ozone treatment systems prevent cross-contamination. They use naturally occurring chemicals to clean and kill off any germs, viruses, bacteria, and make your linens smell fresh and clean. It is a safe, powerful addition to your laundry process.

What is Ozone? Ozone is a powerful naturally-occurring oxidizer made up of unstable oxygen that lysis bacteria.  It decontaminates laundry by using cold ozone water in ambient temperatures.  The benefit of using ozone is that it kills off dangerous bacteria and viruses, removing odor and leaving the laundry smelling clean, fresh, and saving your laundry operation costs

Benefits of Ozone Laundry

Longer Linen Life 

Did you know that when chlorine bleach and extremely hot water are combined, a chemical reaction happens that degrades the linen fibers?  When ozone is used instead of chorine, this reaction is eliminated. If you need to sterilize sheets, towels, and other items for daily usage, you need to ensure that they are as clean as possible after the first wash. These linens will last considerably longer if harsh chemicals are not used. Our clients have noted that their linen life has increased by 30 percent or more.  

Disinfection on EVERY FILL 

Did you that disinfection is happening in EVERY FILL of the washer?  Ozone adds an additional layer of defense to your linen process.  It is a powerful oxidizer and disinfectant.  Ozone kills bacteria 3,200 times better than bleach when you use ambient water.  Ozone proves 99.99% disinfection from germs, viruses, and bacteria. 

Fast Fill Rates

To fill your washers, ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems use an extra-large ozone-resistant water valve. These valves operate independently of your current fill valves and, in most situations, will fill your washers in half the time. This saves you time, which means you save money!

Reduction in Natural Gas Cost

Heating water accounts for around half of the natural gas used in the laundry. The remaining half is used to dry linen. ArtiClean Ozone Systems can reduce your hot water use by up to 95% by reducing hot water and gas consumption. This works by ozonizing cold, non-ozonated water that flows into the wash process of the washing machine. The ozonizing process does not produce any off-gas by-products, making it safe. A typical 100-bed nursing home might save at least $1200 per month on utility costs.

Shorter Wash Cycles 

The "cleaning window" of a wash cycle is normally restricted to the detergent and bleach phases. This window is typically one-third of the whole cycle time. The cleaning window for ozone is the full wash cycle. When your washer fills up with water, it is going to be cold-Ozonated water. This means that your washer receives a fresh dose of Ozonated water every time it fills (most wash cycles full at least five times). As a result, the cleaning window becomes the full cycle. By extending the cleaning window, we may reduce the overall cycle time by up to 20%.  So to answer the age-old “ What’s in it for me” question..20% faster washer cycles means that you will be running your laundry for 20% fewer hours every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Shorter Dry Times 

Ozone really permeates the linen fibers. This is visible in the thicker, fluffier towels that have been ozonated before being dried. The ozone aids in the release of moisture in a dryer or flatwork ironer, resulting in substantially quicker drying times. In most situations, drying time has been reduced by 20%. This decrease also cuts gas and energy consumption by up to 20%.

Learn More About Ozon

Ozone treatment systems can aid in the prevention and defense against viruses and bacteria

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