5 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Hospitality Laundry During A Crisis

With today’s occupancy rates and revenue at an all-time low, property enhancements in the hospitality sector may seem unrealistic. However, now may be the best time to think about improving the property to prepare it for success in a post-COVID-19 world.  Take advantage of low-interest rates on laundry industry-leading machines to enhance the customer experience, increase cleanliness, and improve safety.

The current state may not be an anomaly

COVID has changed businesses forever, causing hoteliers to consider new levels of cleanliness and safety. If the current state is how companies will operate in the future, then your laundry operation needs to examine those aspects of the facility not considered previously. Equipment sizes, features, technologies, and chemicals that may not have been factors before may now be must-haves for your laundry operation in the future.

By now, most are familiar with the CARES Act, signed into law by the President in the spring.  Included in that act are incentive programs such as a Qualified Improvement Property (QIP) allowance that focuses on improvements to a building’s interior. This opens up an excellent opportunity to explore the upgrades you have been considering. Read further to learn about essential keys to success as we adapt to the dynamics faced due to COVID-19.

5 On-premise Laundry technologies and service offerings you need for success

Although the path to an uncertain future is not always a transparent one, new technologies, service offerings, and chemical treatments can provide you the tools you need to get there. Below are just a few of what is available to help you run a successful hospitality laundry during a crisis.


  1. High-speed washing machine – A high-speed machine creates g-forces and faster spin with more significant pressure during the final cycle to remove water from linens. As g-force increases, a more substantial amount of water is removed. Less water in the cloth at cycle completion, the shorter the drying period. This is a saving in both time and cost of utilities.
  2. Moisture Sensing Technology – Moisture-sensing is a valuable feature of commercial dryers. With CDC guidelines recommending high drying temperatures, moisture-sensing technology eliminates the need for attendants to monitor the dryness of the load. This technology dries loads to pre-programmed moisture levels and stops the tumbler. By reducing over-drying, this system extends linen life, saves on utilities, reduces labor, and increases throughput.
  3. Ironers and Finishing Equipment – Flatwork ironers are designed to provide the ability for laundries process table linen, bed linen, and napkins with maximum productivity. Express ironers properly finish linens without the need for dryer conditioning and messy wax application and removal.
  4. Service – Costs and time can be reduced by adequately troubleshooting and addressing needs faster and with fewer call-backs. With service calls, we know convenience is essential. AAdvantage Laundry Systems employs more service technicians and master technicians than any other commercial laundry company in the South. With decades of experience, our technicians, you can be assured AAdvantage has the expertise and parts required to get you up quickly and conveniently. Speaking of convenience, we offer the ability to schedule service toll-free via telephone or by completing the online service request form. In the Dallas/ Fort-Worth metroplex, we offer service seven days a week.
  5. Chemicals – Has the pandemic created additional demands on your chemical supplier, making them unable to meet your current needs? AAdvantage Laundry Systems offers chemicals, injection pumps, and programming for on-premise laundries. We can also supply spray sanitizers and soaps for cleaning controls, handles, folding tables, and more.


Financing the future and the specials to take you there

AAdvantage Laundry Systems has partnered with Dexter Financial Services and Eastern Funding to provide attractive finance rates during this challenging time. We offer payment flexibility and solutions to fit the customer’s needs.

There is no question that guest expectations of room and linen cleanliness will look entirely different in the months ahead. Amid the pandemic, now may be the best time to replace, upgrade, or add to the machines you are working with at your commercial laundry operation. Trust the experts at AAdvantage Laundry Systems to replace, upgrade, or add to the machines at your on-premise laundry. With the best equipment and latest technology from Dexter Laundry and Continental Girbau, you will get what you need to outfit your update facility to guest needs quickly.