5 Ways To Make Your On Premise Laundry More Efficient

It's no secret that hotel laundry is a significant expense for your property  Inefficient laundry equipment can cost you time, money, and impact customer satisfaction. As technology advances and expenses rise, one thing is certain: energy efficiency is a key issue. Investing in energy-saving, on-premise laundry equipment technologies is a smart approach to save money while also reducing your laundry's environmental effect. To promote this type of eco-friendly thinking, the AAdvantage Laundry Systems team has developed a list of laundry room design ideas that can help you save money on energy costs.

Purchase Energy-Efficient Machines

Laundry equipment can sometimes break down beyond repair, even with routine maintenance. Choose an energy-efficient commercial washer and dryer when it's time to replace one. In the long term, this may save your hotel a lot of money on energy expenses. Depending on your region and the unit you purchase, you may be eligible for tax benefits.

5 ways to make your on premise laundry more efficient 1Dexter On-Premise washers raise the bar for industrial washer performance. High-speed spin extracts more water from a load resulting in lower drying costs. The bottom line is higher profit potential, lower operating costs, and more on-premise laundry configurations. Dexter dryers deliver maximum energy efficiency and superior drying speed, by balancing heat input, tumble speed, air recirculation, and airflow through fully perforated, large-diameter cylinders.

 Use Cold Water & Invest in Ozone Systems 

Did you know that, with the appropriate detergents and wash cycles, washing clothes in cold water gets them just as clean as washing them in hot water while consuming less energy and money? The use of cold water in your commercial washer may make a significant impact on your annual energy expenses.

5 ways to make your on premise laundry more efficient 2Ozone is a powerful naturally-occurring oxidizer made up of unstable oxygen that lysis bacteria.  It decontaminates laundry by using cold ozone water in ambient temperatures.  The benefit of using ozone is that it kills off dangerous bacteria and viruses, removing odor and leaving the laundry smelling clean, fresh, and saving your laundry operation costs. 

Reuse Linen 

Many OPL facilities, such as hotels, have given clients the choice to reuse towels, washcloths, and blankets rather than washing and laundering them on a daily basis in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. This can drastically reduce energy consumption and waste in your hotels' laundry operation. 

Go Green 

When it comes to becoming green and being sustainable in your on-premise laundry, look outside the equipment. Simple changes, such as switching to energy-efficient bulbs and setting timers to turn off lights and devices when not in use, will help you decrease your carbon footprint and save money. Other initiatives, like installing and utilizing solar panels or other types of renewable energy throughout your facility, require a greater investment but will pay off in the long run.

Train Your Staff

You can't spend all of your time in the laundry room. When it comes to boosting energy efficiency in your on-premises laundry operation, a well-trained crew is your first line of defense. Teach them how to operate the machines properly, have regular meetings and training sessions, and solicit their feedback and recommendations. It takes a team effort to achieve sustainability and environmentally friendly laundry operations.

Let's talk about ways to improve the safety, productivity, and efficiency of your OPL operation. We'd love to work with you if you're in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, or Virginia.