6 Benefits of Card & Mobile Laundry Payment Systems

6 benefits of card & mobile laundry payment systems

A laundromat is a high-return and hands-off investment. While choosing the right location, conditions, and equipment are essential to a successful business, you’ll want to make sure you also update or maintain your equipment. If you’re still using coin-operated machines, it may be time for an upgrade. Check out the benefits of adding cards and mobile payment as laundry payment systems.

Encourage More Customers

Fewer people carry coins in their pockets these days. If your machines only accept coins, that will limit your customers. Get more customers to your establishment by providing them with more payment methods. With cashless payments, you’ll see a marked increase in your traffic.

Increase Your Revenue

With more people paying by credit or debit cards, you give your customers more reasons to pick your laundromat over the rest of your competition. Paying by credit also encourages more people to do more loads of laundry or opt for upsells, which gives contributes to a positive bottom line.

Improve Convenience

Coins are bulky and not always easy to carry around. If your customers don't have coins for the laundromat, they'll either need to make a stop first at a shop or at the bank first. That or they'll ask you to change a bill. Make it easier for them to pay by offering cashless payment methods. That also means you won’t need to ask your service crew to manage, collect, and transfer the coins to the bank.

Ensure Monitoring Ease

It’s easier to stay on top of cashless payments, and there are fewer chances for mistakes to happen. If you want a better way to keep an eye on your business profits, then add card and mobile payment system units to your laundromat.

Create a Marketing Edge

Not all laundromats offer cashless payments. You can add that into your marketing or promotional materials, which will help encourage more consumers to try out your business or even turn them into repeat customers. With competitors that only operate coin-only machines, you’ll want to use this to your advantage.

Enhance Engagement

Introduce loyalty programs to customers who use cashless payment methods. Use that channel to get more repeat customers. Improve consumer engagement with your brand and business by offering promos and discounts for a fully customized experience.

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