6 Ways To Make Your Community Laundry Room Standout

In today's competitive real estate market, it is important that owners and landlords go above and beyond to ensure that their rental properties stand out from the competition. When attracting qualified renters and keeping current tenants happy, community laundry rooms are necessary for multi-housing communities. As a leading distributor of commercial laundry equipment, AAdvantage Laundry Systems constantly surveys property owners, managers, and landlords to stay current with the needs of these communities. From this collaboration, we have formulated six tips to help differentiate your laundry room.

Keep Your Laundry Room Clean 

People prefer to do laundry in a clean space. Maintenance machines on a regular basis and ensure cleaning crews make these areas a priority for daily cleaning.

Convenient Payment Options

According to the National Apartment Association, tenants seek convenience when doing laundry. Make sure your laundry room has flexible payment options. When you partner with AAdvantage, we offer convenient payment methods through KioSoft and Heartland such as smartphone apps, smart cards, and credit/debit cards. Building managers and residents will appreciate live status updates, email alerts, and other convenient features.

Secure the Area

The safety of residents in your community laundry room is important.  Try installing a lock on your laundry room door so that only residents can access it — particularly if there is no secure entrance to the building. Security features introduced can help keep the residents safe and can be a point of sale for potential tenants. Securing the laundry area also has been proven to prevent vandalism.


Good lighting improves safety by reducing the likelihood falls, as well as providing residents with a sense of added security. Tenants appreciate a well-lit space when trying to remove stains, read product labels, or work in the laundry room while they are waiting to finish their load.

Encourage Socialization With Appropriate Social Distancing 

The laundry room can be one of the few times people really talk with their neighbors. Having your laundry room, a place people want to spend time and connect will help raise morale and promote a sense of belonging in your community, which leads to happy, long-term tenants.  In the age of social distancing, arrange furniture where residents can mingle 6 feet apart. Lastly, keep hand soaps and sanitizers available and clean and sanitize the laundry room frequently.

High-Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment

Maytag equipment makes a great first impression on potential tenants and is a selling point for your rental property. The added controls and efficiency will continue to impress residents for the long-term. For over 100 years, Maytag has maintained a focus on better-built equipment that delivers remarkable reliability, day after day.


If you’re looking to upgrade the laundry equipment at your community, AAdvantage Laundry Systems can help. As a top Maytag distributor, AAdvantage has been helping owners and management companies improve the tenant experience by providing a higher level of service.