Advantages of Stack Washer and Dryers

advantages of stack washer and dryers 1Large and small coin-operated laundromats probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Too many people simply can’t afford to have their own washer & dryer units, and students, renters, and others rely on laundromats until they can afford a place of their own with their own appliances.

However, laundromats are beginning to see a dip in their revenue gains as they struggle to retain customers and maximize machine usage. There is simply too much competition, and people try too often to cut corners on laundromat costs whenever they can. Some have forgotten the customers’ needs and the importance of quality customer service required to run any effective business.

Self-Service Laundromats

Laundromat owners have been too reliant on the self-service system that coin-operated laundry can provide. Most will have a couple of attendants around to help with broken machines or to supervise the building, but otherwise, the customer is on his own. The customer comes in to do their laundry and leaves. There’s no need for interacting with the customer unless it is absolutely necessary. And that’s where the problem begins.

What Is the Customer Looking for in a Laundromat?

Because there is little interaction with the customer, there’s simply a lack of understanding of the customers’ needs. The laundry business is viewed too much as a necessity to think that customer service and atmosphere matters.

The customer’s opinion does matter, and it has a direct correlation to your maximum revenue intake! Here are some of the things they look for:

  • Is there enough space to take care of my laundry needs including folding clothes?
  • Is the atmosphere relaxing or does it create anxiety?
  • Would I trust leaving my clothes to wash or dry without the fear of it being stolen?
  • Is there an easy means for me to pay/get change for my laundry (change machines, ATMs, etc.)?
  • Does the place look nice and clean?
  • How well does the staff treat me? Are they willing to assist me when I need help?
  • Does it feel like I’m being rushed in and out of the building like cattle?
  • How expensive is it, and how much laundry can I fit in a single load?
  • What can I do while I wait?
  • Do they provide any other services I may like?

When it comes down to it, customers are looking for efficiency, excellent service, and some sort of appeal that draws them to your business.

How Can a Washer Dryer Stacked System Bring in More Customers to My Laundromat?

Stacked washer and dryer machines have been around for many years, and are nothing new to the business. They’re often used by small laundromats to maximize on space wherever they can. However, the benefits that they can bring in are often overlooked when it comes to larger laundromats with more room to work with.

Take it from the owners of an urban laundromat near Baylor University in Waco, Texas named The Laundry Room. Laurie started off in the dry-cleaning business before going into the laundromat business. But this experience has given them insight and expertise into many things: including how important it is to engage and provide the best in customer service! And they do all of this through something they like to call the “open concept.”

“We didn’t want to have the washer and dryers everywhere to where you couldn’t see. Like, we went to one laundromat, turned the corner because we were using it to wash some other stuff in Florida, and there were three kids sitting on the floor. Didn’t even know they were there, you know. And so we saw all these places that a lot of people were, they said they were afraid to go in. They don’t feel safe.

“We didn’t want that. We wanted an open concept to where you can see each other. And we knew at that point, we wouldn’t have enough machines to maybe make enough profit to generate. And so we knew with the stackable washer and dryer saves space, allows us to have more machines, and it’s the open concept.”

How an “Open Concept” Changes Everything In Coin-Operated Laundries

As a result of this idea, owners Steve and Laurie, with the help of manager Kari, have developed a more competitive model for their laundromat business where customer service and a nice atmosphere is their number one priority. With the extra space, they have folding tables with bar stools for people to sit and read, work on homework if they’re a student, or even have a meal or snack. They also provide free internet and movies that customers can watch while they wait for their laundry to finish.

Their Laundromat looks sharper and feels more inviting. Customers feel comfortable staying as long as they want, and have the benefit of staying by one set of machines for their clothes. And with an open model, Steve, Laurie and Kari and can easily meet and establish connections with customers, offer help and advice as they see the need, and monitor everything with ease.

This focus on greater service and customer satisfaction have boosted their net profit and kept customers coming back again and again.

From left to right, Richie, Kari, Laurie and Steve.

But What About the Machines?

With the help of AAdvantage Laundry, Steve and Laurie chose the Dexter Commercial Washer Dryer Stack System: a durable, reliable, fast, and efficient washer & dryer unit that is compact to save maximum space.

The Dexter Commercial Washer Dryer Stack System is sleek and sports stainless steel. These machines are also connected to an online system that business owners can use to set rates, track which machines are used, find out when they break, and monitor how full the coin cage is. These features are possible wherever you have a connection to the internet.

Contact AAdvantage Laundry to Install Your Dexter Commercial Washer Dryer Stack System in Your Store Today!

Just like The Laundry Room story, we want to help fit your business with the best and most advanced washer and dryer units around. Take advantage of the “open concept” to engage your customers in ways that bring them back every time.

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