4 Benefits to CleanCare Leasing for OPL Commercial Washers and Dryers

commercial washers and dryers for saleEfficiency and productivity are imperative when managing a commercial on-premise laundry (OPL). Most operators desire to have the most current laundry equipment in their OPL, but these large capital expenditures are troublesome to cash flow. The AAdvantage Laundry Systems CleanCare laundry equipment leasing program provides a more economically plausible way of acquiring OPL commercial washers and dryers. With AAdvantage commercial laundry equipment, you can be sure you are obtaining the highest quality equipment in the industry, while also maintaining cash and credit lines for future purchases.

Leasing washers and dryers offer operators a variety of benefits, but it is essential to establish all the details of the agreement up front. Things to look for when leasing washers and dryers include:

1 - Service & Maintenance

Service calls can be costly, especially in an emergency or outside regular business hours. With the AAdvantage Laundry Systems’ CleanCare program, we ensure that service costs are included as well as any parts that need to be replaced.  Also, operators should consult their local provider and find out how many total technicians they employ and how many of them are master technicians.  A knowledgeable, adequately staffed service provider is imperative when considering leasing equipment.  AAdvantage Laundry Systems’ employs more service technicians and more master technicians than its competitors to ensure timely response times and platinum professional work.

2 - Upgrade Machines

Another benefit of the CleanCare lease program is that operators can upgrade their machines at the end of a contract period for a minimal increase in their monthly payment.  By upgrading equipment, operators can reduce the chances of non-operational equipment, reducing their productivity.  Also, new updated equipment can offer safety measures that old, outdated equipment’ doesn’t.  By utilizing newer equipment, operators can increase safety and reduce risk to their staff.

Also, technology in OPLs is continually changing with new advances and designs.  Staying current with new technology helps operators optimize their OPL and gives them an edge over their competition.  OPL management products such as Dexter Live enable remote monitoring of machine health, wash cycles, utility usage, and more.

3 - Cost of Washer and Dryer

Cost is always an important factor when considering new laundry equipment. Ensuring that recurring expenses are within budget is critical. When determining cost, always make sure to consider savings provided by more reliable and more efficient laundry equipment.  The most significant driver of expense is inoperable equipment.  Inoperable equipment reduces productivity, raises labor expenses, and increases workplace stress.  Reliable operating laundry equipment reduces expenses and increases utility savings, which ultimately lowers monthly payment costs.   Besides, leasing laundry equipment offers tax advantages not recognized when purchasing. Parts, service, and maintenance expenses are all included in the CleanCare Leasing Program.  This  “turnkey“ monthly cost helps operators better manage their operating expenses.

4 - Save Your Cash and Credit Lines

Operators need not worry about affording high-end laundry equipment with our laundry equipment leasing solutions. AAdvantage’s laundry equipment leasing plans allow operators to pay a low monthly fixed fee instead of requiring operators to spend cash all at once, thereby saving money and credit lines for other costly efforts that might arise.

On-premise laundry needs will vary from one industry to the next – but some considerations are universal. Leasing equipment from a reputable provider of top-quality machines ensures the long-term success of your business.  Leasing is a valued solution for keeping costs low while improving satisfaction.  Maintaining modern, efficient commercial laundry equipment takes time, effort, and money. With the AAdvantage Laundry Systems CleanCare leasing program, operators can be confident that they are making cost-effective decisions that will increase productivity and optimize safety.

To learn more about how your laundry operations can benefit from the AAdvantage Laundry Systems CleanCare Program, connect with one of our experts for a free consultation.