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AAdvantage Laundry is proud to be a leading provider of Dexter Commercial Laundry Equipment servicing Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. With over 200 years of combined service knowledge, we can help you now and in the future for all you Commercial Laundry Equipment needs. We carry over $1 Million in parts inventory and have teams throughout the areas in which we service, assuring your equipment stays in top shape to keep your business running efficiently.

As a Dexter partner, we offer a complete line of coin, (vended), industrial/on-premises (OPL) washers-extractors and dryers. Dexter machines are known for their superior quality and the company's commitment to delivering the best vended and on-premises machines on the market.

Dexter also only selects the best materials for their machines, assuring longevity and consistent service even under harshest of laundry conditions. Each washer is designed to withstand their meticulous 1,000-hour test - running at maximum extract with an excessive out-of-balance load.

As a manufacturer, the company reinvests millions into their laundry business every year to constantly refine quality while enhancing efficiency and eco-friendly products and then incorporate those new technologies into their solutions. Dexter commercial laundry equipment is known for its reliability, durability and efficiency and makes for a solid addition to your OPL or coin laundry.

Types Of Commercial Laundry Equipment We Offer

We supply two different lines of Dexter commercial laundry equipment for superior performance:

Dexter Coin and Vended Laundry Equipment

Dexter builds quality coin and vended products you can depend on. Their product line includes industry leading features, several appearance packages and a large selection of capacities to enable you to find the best solutions for your location.

In addition to their fantastic product line, you can take advantage of DexterLive, a seamlessly connected network that links Dexter machines to the cloud to give you control and analytics beyond the standard machine. You get the freedom to manage your storefront from anywhere, at any time, from most any device.

You can also enable your customers to pay using several different payment options using our revolutionary DexterPay application. DexterPay provides easy, secure mobile payments in addition to traditional payment choices. And, since it integrates with DexterLive, there are no annual fees - you just pay when customers use the app.

Dexter On Premise O-Series Commercial Laundry Equipment

Dexter offers a full line of on-premises laundry (OPL) solutions that include industry leading technology and controls. Create the ideal cycles for your commercial laundry needs with the knowledge you are buying a quality product. The OPL line features two control options, several features, and a large selection of capacities to meet your facility’s specific needs.

Dexter OPL’s’ feature two different control platforms, the O-Series controls offer precision and customization for any laundry environment, while the 6-Cycle controls provide simple programmable cycles.

You also get a state-of-the art moisture detection system featuring wireless technology that monitors laundry and halts the cycle when the desired dryness is reached. Extend your linen life, save on your utilities, and reduce labor expenses while increasing throughput.

With the Dexter Fire Response System, the temperature inside the dryer drum is continuously monitored, even for some time after the cycle is over. If the temperature rises unexpectedly the system will automatically activate the multi-level Fire Response System to try to control the fire and preserve the equipment.

The platform also comes with DexterLive to control and manage your laundry.

The Features You Need At A Cost You Can Afford

With everything Dexter Commercial Laundry Systems has to offer, there should be no doubt we have a solution to meet your needs. Get ease of use. dryer linen moisture detection, reduced energy consumption, a fire response system, and an industry-leading warranty supported by the best technical support network in the business.

Contact AAdvantage Laundry Systems Inc. at 1-800-880-2138 or click here to contact us online for more information about how Dexter washers and dryers can benefit your commercial laundry.

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