Braun Industrial Flatwork

Among the most flexible laundering solutions available, Girbau Industrial’s Continuous Batch Washing System delivers unrivaled productivity, energy-efficiency, programmability and results. Configurable to meet the laundering and volume needs of medium- to large-volume laundry operations, the Continuous Batch Washing System—in place across the globe—processes up to 3,000 pounds of laundry per hour using less labor, water and energy.


Precision Series® Feeder

Serves a wide variety of flatwork laundry processing needs from hospitality, healthcare, commercial linen, and general industrial laundries

Single motor Servo drive technology

Spread detection (Patent Pending device) and speed synchronized spread belts

In feed lay-down functionality provides consistent quality feeding

Single point transfer and positive center point spreading - assures minimal drops and accurate centering - maximizes line productivity

Lower feed carriage heights

Ball bearing carriers for all transport motions

Three operator stations

Production line speeds of 125 fpm (feet per minute)

Manufactured with fewer moving parts than others on the market!

Built to withstand the wear and tear of today's high-volume laundry environments

SpeedVac® Feeder Table

Vacuum assist feeding of small and large pieces to an ironer

Adjustable laser lane indicators to provide repeatable guides for hand feeding

Simple lint collection bags mounted above each side panel

Digital production counter for each of the feed lanes

Programmable inverter-type variable speed conveyor drive with digital speed indicator

Fluorescent lit feed deck

Caster-mounted for easy movement

Illuminated Emergency Stop

130" working width

Standard voltages: 208, 240, 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle

Variable speed blower control for easy adjustment of vacuum air flow (Available with optional 120” working width for 4 or 5 lane processing)


Precision Series® Small Piece Folders

Parts never have to stop moving and feeds never have to be “paced” to prevent over feeding! Braun machines will process as fast as operators can feed, for the highest production rates in the industry.

Braun’s triple sort model processes just as fast as our other models. Unlike other manufacturers’ models it does not need to be slowed down for sorting.

Most narrow footprint in the industry

24V touch-screen controls – simple, intuitive and easy to use with available multi-lingual screen displays • Braun cross folds are made with a mechanical knife blade creating crisp, precise folds even on the thickest materials. Other machines use air nozzles making folds dependent on the quality of air being supplied and have difficulty folding thick items.

Cross folds in halves, thirds or quarters

In-feed wheels are user selectable between 2 and 4 wheels based on operator preference. 2 wheels are ideal for small parts and 4 for large parts as they help to ensure a smooth feed and taut leading edge.

Stepper motor width control for precise fold width adjustment from 6” to 14”

Auto-width detection automatically adjusts fold width depending on the part being fed.

Lint blow-off feature automatically cleans photocell lenses reducing maintenance.

All pneumatic actuators are controlled from a single-valve manifold located in the control cabinet. By keeping them all together in a centralized location, maintenance and troubleshooting are faster and easier than ever.

Soft start and stop provides a gradual ramp up, reducing chain and belt stress.

Precision Series® Folder/Cross-Folder

Available with one- to four-lane primary fold and one or two-lane cross-fold capability

Speed selections optimized automatically with inverter drive and Delta-net

LED infrared sensors for measuring

120" working width

Automatic size compensation fro 12" x 12" to 120" x 128"

Primary folds by air-jet through pinch roll, adjustable to 1/4"

Anti-static belts and static eliminator bar

Pneumatic clutch and brake

Full system auto-stop in event of folding error

Safety switches and guards at all pinch points

Right or left-hand discharge

Polychain drive system - quiet, reliable, easy to maintain

Counters on each lane to monitor productivity and record totals

Dynamic folding - capable of automatically changing the cross-fold configuration while in use, as needed

Precision Series Blanket and Knitted Fitted Sheet Folder

Designed to process knitted fitted sheets, thermal blankets, airline blankets, bath blankets, underpads and oversized pool terry.

Runs up to 155 feet per minute and can fold items as large as 55" x 90"

The folder makes two primary folds with air, and two cross-folds; with an air blast for the primary fold, and a knife through pinch roll for cross-folds, and all are adjustable to within 1/4".

Vented doors are equipped with a heat shield and IP68 sealed cooling fan to support temperature control of the drive system.

The color touch screen control is field programmable with 75 available programs.  The control provides intuitive and precise control functions.

User friendly interface is used for all selections of programs, and for troubleshooting

Photoeyes are installed on the 2nd primary guard and cross-fold guard for improved operator safety.

Independent drive systems, VFD drives (variable frequency drive) provide for greater processing control and less mechanical maintenance.


Precision Series® Ironers

Braun steam ironers are available in a variey of configurations and can be ordered in 120" or 130" working widths, 32" or 48" diameter rolls, can include one, and up to four rolls.

Fully insulated canopies with a R-5.7 insulation rating.

Insulated side heat shields.

Exhaust blower fans were relocated from the exterior rear of the ironer into the side frames.  Placing the fans in closer proximity to the rolls and reducing intake-side resistance will reduce static pressure loss and increased average suction pressure by 16% thus increasing system efficiency.

PLC touch screen controls, simple operator intuitive interface

Poly chain single motor inverter drive

Torsion bar roll suspension

Modular design for system expansion

Moveable guide ribbon tensioner

Unprecedented maintenance access and serviceability

Delta Standard Ironers

Your standards are high. You want crisp flatwork with a world-class finish, and you demand production rates that won’t slow your laundry operation. The Braun Delta Ironer is for you. G.A. Braun, Inc., manufactures the Delta Ironer with deep chest heating and large diameter rolls to apply a superb flatwork finish. The ruggedly built Delta can include from one to four rolls and is available equipped with either steam or thermal fluid heating. Modular construction allows for the addition of rolls in the field. These Braun design features ensure that ironing production will match the flow of your entire laundry system.

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