Braun Industrial Washers and Dryers


Open Pocket Washer/Extractors

Braun open pocket washer/extractors can be ordered for chute loading for fully automated wash rooms.

This loading option removes the potential for serious injury to the operator from pushing bags into a moving washer cylinder.

End Loader Washer-Extractors

Available in processing capacities of 100, 200, 300, and 400 lbs. dry weight load sizes

Ideal for low ceiling installations and washrooms with limited space

Strength and durability – the highest quality materials and simple, rugged design make this a truly heavy duty machine. The Braun End Loader will operate for decades

Thorough wash action and high-speed extraction assure high-quality washing


Wet Processing Systems Precision Dyeing Equipment

Ergonomics for Smooth Load and Unload

All models are designed for unobstructed, fast gravity-assisted loading and unloading – easily accommodating sling load systems and carts or conveyors for unloading.

Stability and Simplicity

Simple and effective Braun Neutron suspension isolates vibration allowing for high speed extraction – two-speed extraction standard on all models. High speed extraction reduces drying time and saves energy.

Advantage® 900 Lb. Side Loader

The Braun Advantage 900 lb. Tilting Side Loader is available in a four pocket configuration. These washer/ extractors are engineered with the same structural integrity and reliability of all Braun washers and feature superior mechanical action like our Open Pocket washer/extractors!

Top Side Loader Washer/Extractors

The Braun Top Side Loader (TSL) is available in split two-pocket and three-pocket models, and capacities of 200, 400, 600 and 800 pounds. (The 600 lb. TSL is available in a three-pocket configuration only.) Single motor drive is currently standard on all 200, 400 and 600 lb. machines. During loading the TSL rotates the cylinder door opening directly to the line of gravity. Items fall into the cylinder easily, allowing gravity to do the work. This also makes the Braun TSL ideal for overhead rail systems. The cylinder door can also position down to just 37 inches for easy hand loading. At the end of the wash cycle the TSL provides an obstruction-free, fast, gravity assisted unload.


H-Series Dryers

Inverter controlled basket to minimize wear and tear on drive components and maximize efficiency

Automatic temperature-based moisture sensing control prevents restarts and over-drying

Ring burner design assures uniform heat distribution with lint-free design and no moving parts

Heavy 11 –gauge burner duct system evenly mixes incoming air to prevent hot spots

Damper system accelerates heat transfer into load, lowering exhaust volume and temperature

Self-cleaning positive air flow blowers draw controlled air volume through the load, regardless of size.  Non-clog design prevents lint accumulation.

All Braun dryers feature a reversing capability (standard), which prevents long items such as sheets or mats from becoming tangled or roping.


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SafeLoad® Shuttle

These systems significantly enhance wash room safety! The chute loading capability provides operators a safe means for loading and unloading open pocket washers and dryers, virtually eliminating hazards associated with semi-automated and automated wash alleys. SafeLoad Shuttles with chute loading feature a hydraulically controlled loading device. Mounted onto the shuttle, it allows the operator to engage it into the washer door opening. Once engaged, the operator can then control the goods bag to open and automatically drop through the loading device into the washer.

loosegoodsshuttle 532x532

Loose Goods Shuttle

Available in the following models: OPSH44 for 200-500 lb. wash floors OPSH66 for 500-700 lb. wash floors They are engineered for the Braun 200 lb., 450 lb. and 650 lb. Automated Open Pocket Washer/Extractor Systems with auto or manual functionality. The shuttle automatically travels to the washer/extractor, aligns, and accepts goods from the tilting machine. The shuttle then travels to the next available dryer where it automatically advances the goods and loads the dryer.

loosegoodsshuttle 532x532

Manual SafeLoad® Shuttle

Designed to support the loading of washers in a manual wash aisle operating environment, this shuttle removes the potential for serious injury to the operator from pushing bags into a moving washer cylinder.

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