Braun Industrial Wetwork

tunnelloadconveyor 532x532

Conveyor Loading Systems

Tunnel Load Conveyor

Simple, intuitive, and easy to use touch screen controls

24 Volt Control Panel

Interchangeable flash card/configurable to machine

Used on all Braun machines

Continuous Batch Tunnel Washers

SmoothFlow® 130lb, 150lb, 220lb

Braun's Tunnel Infusion Technology is used throughout the tunnel.  This is Braun's trademarked fill process of adding water and chemistry above the goods providing superior agitation and mixing.

Braun's mono-shell design utilizing stainless steel provides perpetual cleaning of the cylinder affording a processing environment for the effective and hygienic processing of linens.

Positive transfer process allows for maximum utilization of the machine's processing capacity.

Braun tunnels operate with the mechanics of an open helicoid process unlike tunnels using a true archimedial screw.

Unparalleled mechanical action – each chamber washes with a similar level of mechanical action as an open pocket washer for exceptional wash quality.

Reverse rotation capability! In the event of a double batch error, Braun tunnels have the ability to reverse rotate manually if needed, eliminating the need to enter the tunnel to clear the goods.

Extraction Press

SmoothFlow® Single Stage Batch Extraction

Waterless Membrane reduces the impact of punctures and cuts

White Membrane with molded clamp ring significantly reduces downtime for unplanned membrane change out

Parker Hannifin 3 Year Leak Free Guarantee on Hydraulics (GPP Program)

Arc Flash Compliant with split panel design - Standard on all Braun machines

Electric Transfer Belt reduces belt wear

Floating Press Head in a very non-linear fashion - for even membrane wear

Hydraulic design provides superb efficiency and longer time under high pressure per tunnel cycle

Shuttle Conveyors

Nesting Shuttle

Nesting Shuttles are available for Braun’s 100 – 150 lb., and 200 – 220 lb. batch tunnel washing systems.

Braun Nesting Shuttles store and transport extracted cakes from the extraction press to the dryer, and convey dried textiles to finishing and sorting areas, meeting the demands of any plant layout.

These automated delivery systems can include Single or multiple elevating shuttles, or a combination of separate stationary elevators and traveling shuttles, depending upon individual needs.

Pass-Thru Dryers

PT Dryer

Available in processing capacities of 300-400, 500-600, and 700-800 lbs. clean dry weight as stand alone machines or in fully automated Open Pocket and Batch Tunnel Washer Systems

1 or 2-Way Tilt

Available with chute loading system - eliminates shuttle transfer of goods

All Braun dryers have a reversing capability (standard), which can be programmed on Braun's touch screen controls.  The reversing prevents long items such as sheets or mats from becoming tangled or roped.

A front window is standard on all PT Dryers.  This allows operators to visually inspect the burner flame without opening the access doors on the dryer.

Side-By-Side Dryers

PBS Dryer

Available in 300-400 and 500-600 lb. clean dry weight processing capacities (Gas or Steam)

A true side-by-side configuration design in chute or non-chute load configurations

No spacing required with each set of dryers

All dryers are identical, there are no left and right-hand dryers

Split Panel Arc Flash Compliant

This minimizes the amount of spare parts needed

Ideal for laundries with limited space!

All Braun dryers feature a reversing capability (standard) which prevents long items such as sheets or mats from becoming tangled or roped.

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