Econ-O-Dry Dryers – Card & Coin Operated Laundry Equipment
A perfect match to Econ-O-Wash topload commercial washers, Econ-O-Dry coin-op laundry dryers—in singleload or stacked doubleload capacity—are not only easy to use, they dry laundry incredibly fast!

Robust Door and Cylinder
Equipped with an oversized door opening, Econ-O-Dry coin-op laundry dryers make loading and unloading a snap while delivering that “big look” so attractive to self-service laundry customers. The robust cylinder capacity takes on larger loads of laundry and provides improved tumble action through axial airflow technology—moving air more evenly through laundry items to get them dry faster!

Easy to Service & Maintain
Designed for minimal maintenance and simplified serviceability, the drying tumbler features a lint filter that’s easy to reach and clean, but doesn’t get in the way of customers. Moreover, when service is necessary, most components are accessible from the front of the machine. The motor, blower, heating element, gas valve and thermostats are serviceable through a lower front panel without disconnecting the door switch.

Durable and Secure
Feel good knowing the Econ-O-Dry coin-op laundry dryer is durably constructed and designed to deter vandals. The meter case, secured with commercial-grade bolts and a metal plate, contains a double-wrapped metal front. On stacked models, a separate security module secures the coin vault with 12 internal screws. Access is gained through the use of special keys to the control panel and vault.

Flexible Control
The dryer control offers fabric selection options including delicate, permanent press, no heat and normal, and an indicator light that illuminates when the machine is in use. It couldn’t be simpler to operate.

Gas or Electric
Econ-O-Dry commercial card- & coin-operated dryers are available in gas or electric heat—making them the right choice for any vended application. United Laboratories (UL) listed, Econ-O-Dry commercial dryers are built to last for years of trouble-free operation.

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