Dexter C-Series Washers and Dryers

Introducing the NEW C-Series Line from Dexter.With several new features and enhancements, the new C-Series line is our sharpest and strongest lineup to date.
DexterLive Controls and
Every C-Series vended product is powered with DexterLive controls and includes, our sharp new Internet app. This vigorous duo can aid you in customizing your equipment for the highest revenue creation and simplifies your business tracking and management at any place and time, on any device. Get more information on DexterLive controls and
Washer Mechanical Components and Upgrades
To deliver the most dependable washers possible, we have applied our strongest features to our full line of vended and on-premise washers. With big loading doors, updated door handles and 180-degree stainless steel door hinges, we have made the process of loading and unloading laundry simpler and more convenient. C-Series washers are now more efficient and durable due to several improved components, such as cutting-edge inverter drives, electronic pressure sensors, Dexter door locks & drain valves, and enhanced Dexter water valves. Get more information on Vended Washers and On-Premise Washers.
Dryer Mechanical and Components Upgrades
Dexter C-Series dryers are crafted to get the job done in even the roughest laundry situations. These dryers feature DexterLive controls, premium quality materials, screw-resistant tumbler hole designs to restrict tumbler damage, and energy-saving motors, all engineered to increase your success. Get more information on Vended Dryers and On-Premise Dryers.
Same Dependable Features
While there are a great number of enhancements to our C-Series line, they are still produced using the same fine Dexter materials and construction our customers have come to rely on. Each model has been subjected to thorough testing and is crafted to get the job done, cycle to cycle, year to year, under the most severe laundry conditions. With technical support for the life of the product, and the best warranties in the business, you can be assured that we will fully back every machine you purchase. Get more information on Vended Laundry and On-Premise Laundry.