Dexter Commercial Coin Washers

Faced with ever increasing utility rates, coin laundry business owners are increasingly searching for higher level of energy efficiency when they invest in new equipment.

Technologically advanced and energy efficient, Dexter’s C-Series coin washers are designed to help store owners succeed in today’s competitive business climate.

Dexter Commercial Laundry Washers

Dexter’s C-series washers have a powerful motor that is more efficient than those in older two-speed washer models. Through better wiring and improved winding design, these motors meet maximum efficiency standards, and last longer as well as keeping your equipment up and running in the toughest environments. Dexter’s variable frequency drives also offer energy savings by minimizing energy peaks and reducing power consumption. High speed extraction further reduces energy costs by reducing drying time and also allows for quicker customer turnover.

Dexter Commercial C-Series coin operated washers are specifically engineered for the laundromat owner demanding greater efficiency, performance and marketing capabilities from their laundry equipment. All Dexter commercial washers are available with coin drops, programmable coin drops or integrated card system. Every Dexter commercial washer includes infrared communications, programming capabilities and advanced marketing features like Plus Cycle.

Emergency Stop Button

All Dexter commercial front-load washers include an Emergency Stop Button featured prominently on the washer front panel. The Emergency Stop Button allows users to interrupt a cycle and open the washer door should an emergency occur.

Integrated card systems

The systems come from the factory prepped for any of the major card systems.


All Dexter store owners with networked equipment have the ability to program groups of machines at one time, gather real-time cycle status, and export audit data to a spreadsheet without ever touching a machine. Whether you prefer coin or card operation, communication with your Dexter laundry equipment is now a possibility!


Dexter T-300 Commercial Washer

The Dexter T-300 C-Series Vended Washer has a dry weight capacity of 20 pounds (9.1 kg) and comes with two voltage options: 120 or 208–240 volt.


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Dexter T-400 Commercial Washer
The Dexter T-400 C-Series Vended Washer has a dry weight capacity of 30 pounds (13.6 kg).


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T-600Dexter T-600 Commercial Washer The Dexter T-600 Vended Washer has a dry weight capacity of 40 pounds (18.1kg).


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Dexter T-900 Commercial Washer
The Dexter T-900 C-Series Vended Washer has a dry weight capacity of 60 pounds (27.2 kg).


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T-1200Dexter T-1200 Commercial Washer The Dexter T-1200 C-Series Vended Washer has a dry weight capacity of 80 pounds (36.3 kg).


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