Dexter Laundry Equipment – Industries Served

AAdvantage Laundry Systems a long time Dexter dealer has helped many a laundromat owner build a successful businesses throughout the USA. Dexter laundry machines applicable to vended laundromats of every dimension from small outdoor laundries to some of the largest laundromats in the world. Dexter Laundry products are available in many sizes built to fit any laundry environment. We excel in offering the right product for your perfect laundry need location. You will find Dexter products in hospitals, veterinary clinics, sports facilities, military sites, and big cities. AAdvantage Laundry Systems is who you need to call for all of your Dexter laundry needs.

Dexter Laundry Equipment for Vended Landromats


Is your business Laundry? Let AAdvantage Laundry Systems supply your laundry business with Dexter vended products. Acclaimed for their full line of sturdy machine models, efficiency, and up to date technology that can perform all your laundry needs and help your business succeed.

Dexter Multi Housing, dorm and route laundry

Multi-Housing, University, Route

Providing proper laundry services is an important component to planning and maintaining your multi-housing residents business. Whether townhomes, apartments, condos, or university housing your residents look for laundry facilities that are convenient, unique, and inviting. Businesses that offer the right mix of technology and laundry products can influence a potential resident’s leasing decisions. The partnership between AAdvantage Laundry Systems and Dexter Laundry allows an offering of a full line of vended laundry products and equipment for you to either own and maintain or to contract the services of a laundry route operator. Dexter laundry machines are tough and durable!

Hospitality Industry Dexter Laundry


Whether in hotels, motels, restaurants or clubs – your guests pay for comfort and cleanliness. AAdvantage and Dexter are here to help your hospitality business deliver what your guests expect – clean bedding, towels, table linens and staff uniforms. Let us give you the Dexter AAdvantage to process your laundry properly with high-capacity, durable and efficient equipment so you are free to focus on your guests.

Healthcare Industry - Dexter Laundry

Health Care

Cleanliness and safety are top priorities in the healthcare industry. Dexters large-capacity washers feature automatic chemical injection options, superior wash baths, power and durability that give your laundry business the healthiest way to sanitize large amounts of laundry daily. Our washing process keeps your patients and residents safe and comfortable by ensuring the proper removal of stains and biological contaminants.

Dexter Laundry Equipment for Emergency Services

Emergency Services

The correct care and maintenance of gear and uniforms is crucial to the emergency services industry. Your team deserves the best level of health management with the frequent exposures to chemical, smoke, biological toxins and other contaminants. Dexter offers some of the highest quality on-site equipment with mechanical and technology features to clean and maintain all your equipment safely and efficiently.

Dexter Laundry Equipment for Sports and Athletics

Sports and Athletics

Athletes are tough on equipment and uniforms. Let our team of Dexter and AAdvantage Laundry Systems set up your team with the right sized heavy-duty equipment for any amount of space. With easy to operate controls and auto chemical injection choices make it simple for you and your staff to do the laundry. Those smart choices ensure that your team sets out to win that game day with bright, fresh, clean laundry.

Dexter Laundry Equipment for Spa and Wellness Industries

Spa and Wellness

Chemicals from oils and lotions permeate robes, towels, bedding and uniforms – especially in the massage business where every customer generates a lot of laundry. With AAdvantage Laundry Systems installed equipment, laundry can be taken care of with speed and efficiency. Dexter Laundry Equipment offers flexible wash cycles with automatic chemical injection options that remove those lotions and potions from your laundry leaving robes, towels, bedding and uniforms smelling sweet and clean.

Dexter Laundry Equipment for Animal Health Services

Animal Health

Veterinary clinics, dairy farms, kennels, shelters, country animal control centers, zoos, all need strong tough equipment to handle very tough animal laundry needs. AAdvantage Laundry Systems provides the right equipment for your tough laundry loads. Your staff and your animals are protected as animal stains and contaminants are easily removed with the superior Dexter wash baths and chemical injection options.

Dexter Laundry Equipment for Military


AAdvantage Laundry Systems suggests Dexter equipment for most government and military organizations home and abroad – on bases, ships, submarines, and in barracks. Made in America the equipment is heavy-duty, durable, and accommodates your uniform and tough laundry needs wherever you are stationed.