LG Platinum Vended Laundry Equipment

LG Platinum Vended Front-Load Washers

Energy Star qualified, the LG Platinum Vended Washer delivers a quality wash using less energy and only 11.2 gallons of water per load – cutting utility costs. Engineered for constant use, it features auto-balancing and inverter-drive systems for smooth, efficient and reliable operation and a NeverRust™ Stainless Wash Tub for unrivaled durability. Users just select one of the four fabric type options: Whites (Hot), Colors (Warm), Permanent Press (Warm) or Delicates (Cold), load laundry, add detergent and press the start button. An optional Super Wash can also be selected for more soiled laundry. An end-of-cycle tone sounds upon cycle completion.

Providing excellent flexibility, the LG Platinum Vended Washer can stand independently, or be stacked with a matching LG Platinum Vended Dryer. Offering a simple-to-use control with a large digital display, it allows for intuitive programming of a variety of functions, including vend price, cycle time, spin speed and more. The factory default cycle – one wash, two rinses and a final spin extract – is 37 minutes maximum and may be programmed to a minimum 29 minutes. The perfect small-load washer for vended laundries and guest/resident laundries, the LG Washer is engineered for years of quiet operation and is coin and card compatible. Durable and reliable, the LG Platinum Commercial Washer is an efficient and productive laundry solution.

LG Platinum Vended Dryers

Engineered for years of trouble-free use, LG Platinum Vended Dryers feature a powder-coated steel drum that won’t chip or peel – keeping laundered items stain free. Boasting quiet operation, LG Platinum Vended Dryers are perfect for vended as well as guest and resident laundries, where living areas are often located near common laundry rooms.

The LG Platinum Vended Dryer is simple to use and program. It also offers a larger capacity within a small footprint. The dryer’s control panel features a digital display illuminating vend price and cycle time countdown, while LED lights indicate cycle status. Offering solid programmability, owners can control vend price, cycle time, drying temperatures and more. They can also feel good knowing that no one can access the coin box without having both the internal and external security keys. Meanwhile, users simply select one of the four fabric options – White and Color (High heat), Permanent Press (Medium heat), Dedicates & Knits (Low heat) or No Heat – and press the start button. An end-of-cycle tone sounds upon cycle completion, and an extra-large door makes loading and unloading a snap! The LG Platinum Vended Dryer’s large, 7.1 cu.ft. drum takes on more laundry and delivers improved drying performance, as well as fewer wrinkles and tangles. Perfectly suited for drying small loads at vended and guest/resident laundries, LG Platinum Vended Dryers feature AdaptAble™ Controls for maximized installation flexibility. The Dryers are easily stacked with matching LG Platinum Vended Washers – maximizing available space.