Why Commercial Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment by Dexter is the right choice for your laundromat


Unlike many small businesses, laundromats have a high success rate —95% over five years. One of the reasons why laundromats experience such a low failure rate is because they invest in reliable, durable, and energy-efficient commercial laundry equipment. AAdvantage Laundry Systems provides business owners with quality coin-operated laundry equipment from Dexter that yields increased ROI and helps maintain high customer retention for a long-lasting business.

How Do You Find the Best Commercial Laundry Machines for Your Needs?

why coin-operated laundry equipment by dexter is the right choice for your laundromatWhen laundromat owners consider purchasing or renting equipment for their new or established business, it is essential to keep the customer experience in mind. After all, customers will be the ones utilizing the services, and if they are not satisfied, the entire business operations could suffer. AAdvantage Laundry is always considerate of what laundromats and on-premise laundry (OPL) facilities need to meet and exceed their customer's expectations, which is why we provide commercial equipment with the following features.

Easy operation for customers

Ensuring a laundromat is outfitted with equipment customers find zero issues using is vital for repeat business. Coin-operated equipment should have clear readouts, readable labels, fool-proof operation, and ease of access to create a customer-centric experience.

Drums with larger capacities

It is a given that customers frequenting a laundromat are coming with a lot of laundries to complete. Therefore, larger capacity drums will make their lives easier and encourage them to return to do business in the future. Moreover, larger drums mean more customer laundry loads are completed, which results in faster cycles, and increased business daily.

Cycles that are fast and effective

To shorten customers' wait time, AAdvantage Laundry provides laundromats with equipment that delivers faster and more effective cycles. Efficiency should always be top of mind for owners looking to maximize business hours, provide cleaner and dryer laundry loads for the customer, and competently serve as many customers as possible per day to exceed the bottom line.

Why Should You Invest in AAdvantage Laundry's Dexter C-Series Commercial Laundry Equipment?

A laundromat with AAdvantage Laundry equipment is a major investment and can set your business apart from competitors. Dexter C-Series coin laundry machines help laundromat owners provide cutting-edge equipment to customers to keep them returning again and again. Owners can expect AAdvantage's Dexter C-Series machines to be:

  • Durable for a long-lasting operation that helps owners avoid constant replacement for faulty machines
  • Reliable with a guaranteed 10-year warranty for most parts (and a 3-year warranty to cover the rest)
  • Efficient for customers with 100 G-force of extraction for better washing performance for even the largest loads of Laundry
  • User-friendly with enhanced features such as a common user interface on all products, a variety of language options, and detailed prompts that take the guesswork out of its operation

AAdvantage Laundry has a wide array of Dexter C-Series commercial equipment to fit the look and feel of any coin-operated laundromat. Dexter's T-300, T-400, T-600, T-900, and T-1200, T-950, T-1450 washers offer superior performance with PLUS cycle features to maximize revenue generation. Dexter C-Series companion dryers T-30, T-50, T-80, T-30X2, and T-50X2, are engineered to complete heavy-duty laundry loads and secure a profitable ROI.

What Are the Additional Benefits of Investing in Commercial Laundromat Equipment with AAdvantage Laundry?

While AAdvantage Laundry is known for providing laundromat owners and operators with the best in commercial laundromat equipment, we also offer equipment financing tax benefits that can help your business lower annual tax bills every year. AAdvantage Laundry's Section 179 tax benefit allows businesses to write off up to $1 million in deductions on new or used equipment. Moreover, the Section 179 tax benefit incorporates a bonus depreciation plan that includes additional write-offs of 100% of non-depreciated new equipment. However, equipment must be within a recovery period of 20 years or less and fall under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS).

Let AAdvantage Support Your Coin-Operated Laundromat

Since 1996, AAdvantage Laundry has grown to become one of the largest volume distributors of commercial laundry equipment worldwide. Partnering with us is a life-long investment that can ensure your laundromat thrives for years to come. Contact us today to find out how we can support your business with the best in commercial equipment.

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