Explore Innovation with AAdvantage in Coin Operated Washing Machine In Garner, NC

Once upon a time, if you had to do your laundry at the laundromat, you needed a stack of quarters and a few hours of free time. A lot has changed since the first coin-operated washing machine was invented, and laundromats and the machines that fuel them have changed. AAdvantage is proud to supply the best coin-operated washing machine in Garner, NC, to our customers. Each of which is outfitted with the latest technology and user-intuitive payment options.

Today's laundry machines are cashless and make it simpler for customers or residents of your commercial property to do their laundry while reducing machine damage from theft. Before purchasing a new coin-operated laundry machine, look at what AAdvantage Laundry can now offer its clients due to the innovative technologies of our top manufacturers like Dexter and Maytag.

Evolution of Coin-Operated Washing Machine in Garner, NC Options

Technology has come a long way in the last few decades, and within the field of coin-operated washing machines, there has been quite a bit of evolution. Modern coin-operated laundry equipment offers cashless options in addition to the traditional coin-only models that are slowly becoming outdated. Many machines now accept payment via a dedicated app or via a debit card which has helped increase the profits of many commercial property laundry rooms.

Whereas residents used to only do their laundry when they had money on hand, the creation of cashless machines allows residents to wash any time they like. In many multi-level housing units such as dorms or college housing properties, this has led to increased usage. Believe it or not, the average family does about eight loads of laundry a week, which equates to about $40 a week when you use the average cost of $5 per load. Increasing usage can quickly improve revenue.

As one of the leaders in our industry, we do our best to have quality machinery available for lease and purchase. We offer brands such as Dexter, Continental Girbau, Maytag, Whirlpool, Econ-O-Wash, LG, B&C Technologies, and ArtiClean.

Benefits of New Payment Systems

While coin-operated laundry machines are the standard that most people have come to expect, they have their drawbacks. For instance, theft and damage caused by theft result in lost revenue and expensive repairs. In addition, coin machines often need to be emptied and restocked frequently, especially if they can give change. Property owners also need to regularly be on-site to collect coins and deposit them, whereas cashless options bypass all of these issues.

explore innovation with aadvantage in coin operated washing machine in garner, nc 1Although coin-operated models are still available, most newer washing machines rely on credit card swipes or mobile apps such as the Dexter Pay app. Larger laundromat facilities also often use a kiosk and a payment card loaded before usage at the laundromat. The result is secure payment systems that eliminate constant maintenance from owners.

In addition, using automated payments also means access to a wide range of reports that coin-operated machines simply don't provide. In addition to skipping the process of rolling quarters, you now have access to automated reports that detail facility performance, equipment efficiency, customer usage, and peak usage times.

For owners not ready to make a full leap into cashless technology, there are still some hybrid options that accept both credit cards and coins. These can be useful in senior residences and other locations where the customer base may not be ready to adopt the new technology.

AAdvantage Stands Behind Its Coin Operated Washers and Dryers

Regardless of which payment option you select for your coin-operated washer and dryer purchase, AAdvantage stands behind the equipment we sell. We have offered exceptional design services, support, and laundry equipment for three decades. When you purchase or lease a coin-operated washing machine in Garner, NC, from us, you can rest assured it will bring high-performance and reliable results to your laundromat. Contact us today to discuss the best option for your laundromat or laundry room.

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