Commercial Coin Operated Washer and Dryer Combo for Apartments

12 reasons the AAdvantage RightRoute solution can help meet your business goals and exceed tenant expectations

RightRoute: A Cost-Effective Coin Washer and Dryer Solution for Your Property

coin operated washer and dryer for saleCoin-operated washing machines and coin operated washer and dryer for apartments are one of the top amenities that renters look for. As a landlord, you should consider offering a commercial laundry facility in your apartments to attract new tenants and retain existing ones.

If you own a multi-housing property and are looking for an energy-efficient coin operated washer and dryer for sale for your laundry room, then RightRoute is the perfect solution for you.

RightRoute” is a customized program where AAdvantage Laundry Systems installs new coin- or card-operated washers and dryers in multi-housing or lodging guest laundries at no cost to the property owners. The program is ideal for multi-family housing communities such as apartments, condominiums, town homes, college dorms, and more.

coin washer and dryer for saleHere’s how the RightRoute solution can help you meet your business goals and exceed your tenant expectations.

  1. Attract new tenants to your apartments and retain the existing ones.
  2. Stay ahead of the rental game and beat your competition.
  3. With a RightRoute program, you can enjoy a lucrative revenue stream by offering coin-operated machines that enhance your bottom line.
  4.  On-site laundry facilities make it easier for your tenants to do loads regularly and save money every month, but it’ll also save time, hassle, and headaches.
  5.  Prevent specialized hook-ups from being required in individual apartments.
  6.  Draw people to other onsite facilities that you want to promote such as the fitness center, media room, or recreational areas.
  7. Centralizing the location of your equipment means repairs can be done at one time in one area instead of having to visit each apartment for repairing machines
  8. On-site facilities also provide tenants with a great way to get aquatinted with their neighbors. This can be extremely helpful if they’ve recently moved to a new city and don’t yet have many friends.
  9. Save money on each load and benefit from the environmental savings associated with using your apartment’s in-unit machines. Doing several loads back-to-back takes less time to heat the dryer, thus saving both time and electricity.
  10. Upgrade your building amenities and increase your property value.
  11. Choose from a wide range of coin/card-operated washer and dryer brands, like Maytag, available in top or front-loading models.
  12. If you have limited space for a laundry room, AAdvantage can install efficient, space-saving stackable units that require a small amount of space

With years of experience, AAdvantage industry consultants can suggest the right machines and setup for your laundry needs.

RightRoute Laundry Solution: The Smart Business Move

Installing the right laundry equipment is critical to operating a successful laundry facility in your apartments. So, by installing the best coin operated washers and dryers in your apartments through AAdvantage, you are making a smart business move.

The quality and performance of our highly efficient laundry machines provide an exceptional laundry experience to your tenants and guests, keeping them happy and satisfied.

Machines may be coin- or card-operated laundry equipment are:

  • Energy Star certified™ and ADA compliant, making your apartment’s laundry facility energy-efficient and cost-effective.
  • Equipped with stainless steel or porcelain enamel tubs, avoiding damage to clothes during the wash cycle.
  • Include easy-to-read and easy-to-operate digital display panels with multiple cycle options and water temperature selections.
  • Equipped with solid, durable, large-capacity coin vaults holding a large volume of coins. Each is tamper-resistant, damage-resistant, and theft-resistant.
  • Serviceable from the front, eliminating the need to be moved for maintenance or repair.
  • Maintained regularly and repaired free of charge.

RightRoute: The Most Profitable Coin Operated Laundry Solutions

Under the RightRoute program, AAdvantage maintains the ownership and repair of the equipment and shares all revenue from the washers and dryers with property owners. The key benefits of the RightRoute Program include:

  • No capital outlay
  • Friendly lease terms
  • Fully warranted coin washers and dryers for sale
  • Lowered water and utility bills
  • Increased ROI
  • Superior service
  • Improved resident/guest satisfaction

If you have been actively looking for a coin operated washer and dryer for sale, then consider the RightRoute laundry solution from AAdvantage to convert your laundry room into the most profitable area of your complex.

To learn more about AAdvantage RightRoute Laundry Program, contact us via email or call us at 1-800-880-2138 to learn about your requirements.