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AAdvantage Laundry is the world's largest volume distributor of Industrial laundry washer & dryers, products, installation and services for new and replacement equipment in Texarkana, Texas

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For nearly 30 years, AAdvantage Laundry Systems has been the leading commercial laundry equipment distributor in Texarkana and is known for providing industry-leading
on-premise, turn-key, vended laundry equipment and industrial solutions. Our customers include industrial laundry facilities, vended laundries for laundromats and commercial developments, and on-premise laundries.

We are more than just a commercial laundry distributor. We offer comprehensive services designed to meet the individual needs of every client. Services include construction consultation, design and layout, site location, and green-friendly options, which helps to make our solutions easy to integrate into your commercial space. Our support services allow us to offer wraparound services and a relationship that lasts from the day planning starts until the time comes decades down the line to replace your equipment.

Laundry Solutions For Any Industry

We provide commercial-grade equipment and ready-to-use solutions to our clients in several industries, including:

  • On-premises laundry
  • Vended laundry facilities
  • Multi-housing laundries
  • Spa and wellness centers
  • Correctional facilities
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Sports and athletics gyms and facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Hotels and motels
  • Fire departments
  • Military installations
  • Nursing homes

Our leasing and financing options make it easy to minimize your financial load and fast-track you for success. We only work with the highest-quality brands, including Dexter Laundry, Continental Girbau, and ArtiClean.

We are a Leading Dexter Laundry Distributor

Commercial laundry equipment manufacturer Dexter Laundry knows that quality is key to success. With decades of experience under their belts, they've designed and built machines for commercial laundries around the world - including those found in over 50 countries!

While several companies offer dedicated product lines for both on-premise and vended machines in various sizes and applications, here’s why we choose to recommend Dexter above others:

  • Technology Driven
  • Professional Support
  • Built for laundry operations
  • Better Parts Means Longer-Lasting Solutions

AAdvantage Stands Out from Other Commerical Laundry Distributors in the South

We are heavy-hitters in the commercial laundry space in the South as we have over 200 years of combined experience and an inventory of over $1 million in parts. This enables us to easily address issues and offer our clients superior service and maintenance even after installation.

In addition, we work with our clients by offering a variety of financing options designed to meet the budgets of small businesses and large-scale companies. Some clients prefer to lease equipment when introducing a laundry facility to their business and then, as they grow, decide to invest in their own equipment. We offer support for all options and work with new investors, multi-housing laundry supports, turn-key designs, and more. Our goal is to ensure you choose the right commercial laundry machines for your business, and our team will go the extra mile to ensure this happens.

Texarkana Experiences Steady Growth, Making it a Great Investment Region

Texarkana is easily one of the most interesting cities in the state, as it is considered a twin city that spreads across the Texas and Arkansas border. While there may be two mailing addresses for the city, residents of both sides enjoy equal access to low business costs, affordable housing prices, and affordable living costs. In fact, the low cost of living is likely one reason why the city has enjoyed a 3.5% population boost since 2020 and why commercial development and new business growth are strong in Texarkana.

The population boost is great news for businesses and commercial developers who are creating new properties to cater to the city's growing needs. There are plenty of locations where laundry facility integration is considered a value-added feature, from new nursing homes to new multi-housing facilities. In addition, new investors eyeing the potential for laundromats would be wise to set up facilities near new housing developments and/or Texarkana College or Texas A&M University Texarkana, where the demand for laundry facilities would be strong.

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