On-Premise, Commercial Laundry Equipment for Correctional Facilities

on-premise, commercial laundry equipment for correctional facilities

Correctional facilities handle large volumes of laundry for staff and inmates, including their uniforms, bedding, and towels. The ability to process large amounts of laundry quickly and effectively will minimize the spread of illness, maximize the facility's cleanliness, and is essential to its overall smooth operation. However, without the proper commercial laundry equipment, the facility’s operation can suffer. 

Dexter Commercial Laundry Equipment for Correctional Facilities

AAdvantage Laundry Systems has commercial laundry equipment for correctional facilities that will meet all of its needs. Dexter laundry machines are the perfect additions to correctional facilities looking for high performing operations for all heavy-duty laundry loads for inmates and facility staff.  AAdvantage provides the following equipment best suited for correctional facilities:

  • Dexter T80 Express dryer – With perforated tumblers, balanced radial airflow, and anti-wrinkle feature, the T80 dryer maximizes efficiency and is the perfect companion to a Dexter washer. 
  • Dexter T950 washer – This on-premise washer has 200 G-force water extraction, a 60-pound dry weight capacity as well as our standard 6-cycle control options for increased flexibility.
  • Dexter T975 washer – The newest addition to the O-series, the T975 model has the customization to tackle the toughest stains. 

AAdvantage also now carries the Dexter 400G washers,  the next generation in technologically advanced machines with capabilities that will exceed your expectations. Some of the benefits of the new Dexter 400G T975 include:

Programmable capabilities

A large display gives the Dexter 400G a streamlined interface and multi-language capabilities allowing the ultimate user flexibility. With 100+ cycles at 20 stages per cycle, these extremely high-performing units have a ten-point chemical injection system for customized washes of delicate loads.

Exceptional performance

O-series machines provide 400Gs of extraction speed that dry your fabrics faster, which leaves you more time to continue running your facility. 400G T975 machines extract 34% more water when compared to the 60-pound Dexter 100G machine.

Energy efficiency

Drying time is reduced, and water is saved because of the Dexter T975 machine’s powerful Express Plus 400 G-force extraction.

Benefits for Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities have considerable wash loads to manage each day, so robust laundry equipment is essential. AAdvantage Laundry Systems laundering machines can complete larger loads more quickly and are more delicate on fabrics for longevity. Benefits of purchasing our laundry equipment for correctional facilities include:

  • Attractive finance options
  • No costly repairs
  • Lower energy and water bills
  • Outstanding service
  • Continued equipment support

Let AAdvantage Help You

AAdvantage Laundry Systems operates with only the top makes and models on the market today. Our products will enable you to maximize accessible facility space, complete large loads more quickly with fewer issues, and provide the most effective methods to deal with bulky clothes and boost fabric quality.

Contact AAdvantage Laundry Systems today to learn more about how our products can optimize laundry operations for correctional facilities.

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