Commercial Laundry Equipment for Hotels and Motels

As a customer-centric industry, your brand is everything. Hospitality is a fast-paced environment requiring top-notch service and superior guest experiences. First impressions can make a difference between a five-star rating and a scathing review that causes a customer never to return. You can’t afford to have laundry that does not meet the level of cleanliness your guests expect.

Commercial-Grade Laundry Equipment that Exceeds Expectations

Make your guests more comfortable and your staff more efficient with industrial-strength solutions from one of the trusted brands we carry. From sheets and towels to table linens and uniforms, get your laundry the cleanest it can be with either Continental Girbau, Maytag or Dexter’s high capacity, on-premises laundry equipment (OPL) to handle even your heaviest loads.

We carry a full line of OPL laundry systems that feature industry-leading controls and technology. Create the perfect cycles for your laundry, knowing you are getting a quality product that will work for years to come, especially since you’ll have also have access to the largest service team.

Discovering the Ideal Machine that Suits Your Requirements

Dexter, Continental Girbau, and Maytag offer flexibility and product lines that can be scaled based on either volume of laundry you work with or the size of the facility available.

The on-premise product lines we carry have several control options, features, and a wide selection of capacities to help find the perfect machine to meet your laundry needs.

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Dexter Has Several Revolutionary Features to Help You Meet Your Needs

Dexter offers versatile product lines designed to scale according to the specific laundry volumes or facility sizes you manage. The on-premise product line provides two control options, a variety of features, and an extensive range of capacities, ensuring you find the ideal solutions to meet your diverse laundry needs.


Flexibility and Scalability

Dexter's product lines can be scaled to accommodate different laundry volumes and facility sizes. This includes various control options and a wide selection of capacities in the on-premise product line to meet specific needs.


Advanced Technology and Efficiency

Features include the Dexter 6-Cycle Washers with high-speed spin functions and the O-Series with up to 100 programmable cycles and 20 stages. Special cycles, heated models, and a patented Moisture Detection System improve efficiency and precision in operations.


Enhanced User Interface and Safety Features

The O-Series offers a simple interface with multiple languages, a 10-port chemical injection system, and a fire response system. Dexter ensures durability with extensive testing and provides an industry-leading warranty, along with lifetime technical support.

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Choosing the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Needs

AAdvantage specializes in optimizing your laundry operations by determining the ideal size and selecting the most appropriate machines based on daily wash volume, operational hours, employee turnover, and available floor space. This holistic approach ensures that the type and size of on-premise hotel laundry equipment chosen are tailored to enhance your establishment's success.

We have successfully implemented numerous on-premises laundry (OPL) machines across a wide range of hotels in the region. Our collaborations encompass architects, hotel managers, contractors, major hotel groups, and independent proprietors, delivering comprehensive laundry solutions and expert guidance to streamline your laundry operations effectively.

As the leading Laundry Distributor in the region, we possess the expertise to enhance the efficiency of your laundry facilities and offer tailored consulting services as required.

Ready to Take the Next Step in Enhancing the Efficiency of Your Facility?

We have successfully deployed hundreds of laundry systems at hotels across the US. We work with architects, hotel managers, contractors, major hotel groups, and independent hotel owners to add on-premise laundry solutions and assist you with all your laundry planning needs.

As a Dexter, Continental Gebeau, and Maytag Authorized Distributor, we are trained to analyze how to make your laundry facility more efficient and provide consulting where needed.

Contact our team today to learn how we can assist in achieving your support and profitability objectives, all while maintaining the high quality your guests anticipate.

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