Looking for On-Premise Commercial Laundry Equipment
for Hotels and Motels?

When you work in hospitality, the speed, and quality of your service matter. You want to have every one of your guests have an exceptional experience. That’s why having the right laundry equipment matters. It could be the difference between an excellent review and one that means that you’ve lost a customer for life.

Continental Girbau Offers Cost-Effective Commercial Options That Surpass Your Expectations

commercial laundry equipment for hotels and motelsThe Continental Girbau E-Series of soft-mount washers and dryers provide exceptional performance regardless of the volume of laundry. The front-loading machines deliver exceptional performance while using less energy, water and chemicals. Best of all, the machines range in size from 20 to 255-pound capacity models, so your business can find the machine that matches perfectly to your laundry leads.

The G-flex series machines are hard-mount commercial washers that quickly remove water from clothing with speeds up to 200 G-force, a number that surpasses many other industry models. The result: Material takes less time to dry and uses less power to dry them. Programmable G-force control allows Continental’s hard mounting to operate on a lesser foundation than the 8-inch standard for concrete.This is critical when installation variables are not ideal.

The G-flex series also has single-phase power, making it easier to install, and has programmable extract speeds. Automatic chemical injection reduces waste, and Logi Pro Control cleans various fabrics based on specific requirements. Best of all, the G-series is energy efficient, saving money and conserving water.

Both series of machines include:

  • Programmable, high-speed extract speeds improve productivity. As speeds increase, so does the amount of moisture that is removed from the load during extract. This means loads take less time to dry, which enhances productivity, reduces the dryer usage of your team and reduces natural gas consumption.
  • Logi pro control for easy programmability - most of our customers’ laundries need to properly clean a variety of fabrics and load types. The Logi Pro Control provides 25 individually modifiable settings— each with up to 11 baths, and multiple pre-wash, wash and rinse cycles. Variables within each bath include wash temperature, water levels, cycle times, rotation and G-force extract speeds — all with an easy-to-understand interface.
  • Automatic chemical injection - Using automatic liquid chemical injection ensures a consistent clean every time, eliminating the potential for chemical overuse and resulting damage to fabric due to operator error.
  • Simple maintenance - Continental machines are known for durability with steel inner and outer drums. The front, side and top panels are constructed of steel and coated with Continental's unique Titan Steel Finish™ that resists corrosion.
  • Energy efficiency - Each machine features a sump-less design to save up to three gallons of water with each fill. Precise temperature controls and specially designed water release assures better saturation and rinsing.
  • Industry-leading warranties - Take the pressure off your purchasing decision with a fantastic machine backed by a leading 5/3-year ContinentalCare™ warranty and the AAdvantage service team.

Selecting the Right Equipment for Your Needs

At AAdvantage, we understand how important it is to have your laundry operation work well for your facility. Our experienced team can provide consulting support to help you find the right laundry equipment for your operation. We will help you select the correct machines based on how much laundry you expect to do each day, as well as how much space you have, employee turnover rates, and your laundry room’s operating hours.

Considering all of these factors makes it possible to select the right type and size of on-premise laundry equipment you need to keep up with each day’s workload.

How Continental and AAdvantage Help Your Business Become More Efficient

At AAdvantage, we have helped clients install and maintain Continental units all across the region. We work with major hotel groups, contractors, hotel managers, architects, and independent hotel owners to help with their laundry needs. We are here to assist you as you plan your ideal on-site laundry unit.

As a Continental Authorized Distributor, we’re ready to help you improve your laundry’s efficiency and to support you whenever needed. Contact us today to learn more about commercial laundry equipment for hotels and motels.

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