Commercial Laundry Equipment for Nursing Home Communities

commercial laundry equipment for nursing home communities 1Did you know that replacing your linens is one of the highest costs for nursing homes and other long-term care communities? It is also one of the most important. But how do you assure your commercial laundry equipment facilities re ready for the task? How do you also know if you have the right sized equipment for your needs that optimizes monthly machine consumption and reduces maintenance expenses?

Selecting AAdvantage Laundry Systems is the right choice for installing and maintaining your professional washing and drying machines for nursing home communities due to the programs offered, the top notch machines in the industry, our tremendous knowledge of the market and the financial incentives and support needed to make sure your operation is both efficient and cost effective.

Laundering using the right equipment can reduce the risk of illness and infection while keeping patients and employees safe and comfortable. We have an understanding of these requirements and utilize specific guidelines and techniques that can help:

  • Minimize the risk of infection and illness during laundry transport
  • Support proper washing techniques
  • Separate laundry areas from other areas
  • Ensure laundry equipment is maintained to spec

Let’s have a look at our available programs:

Why Using Dexter Laundry Equipment for Nursing Homes is the Right Choice?

Dexter commercial washers and dryers are ideal for retirement communities, long-term care, memory and dementia care, and nursing communities. Leasing of your washing gear is the answer for many in care community. The program, called “CleanCare" includes several machine types, including washers, dryers and ozone machines. You can even lease a premium Dexter T900 machines with T80 dryers on a cost-effective, monthly basis. Ideal for cost-conscious owners and mangers.

The program also includes the stacked, 6-cycle, front-loading T450 SWD models for smaller rooms. Several choices are also readily available for larger needs, including twenty, thirty, and fifty-pound capacities.

How Our Leasing Programs Pay for Themselves

With AAdvantage leases, you get efficient, powerful Dexter machines which that are known for paying for themselves by optimizing labor, minimizing power usage, and reducing linen expenses. Simplicity is all you need to know:

  • We deliver the units to your facility and remove your old unit (if applicable).
  • Provide all-inclusive pricing: Setup, training, preventative maintenance, service calls, and more are all included.

No fine print. No hidden costs.

Advantages for Nursing Home Communities

Nursing home communities have considerable laundry loads each day. The continual use requires a robust and hardy machine with a larger capacity that residential or standard machines.  Below are a few of the advantages you will see:

  • Low monthly lease rates
  • Reduced energy costs and water bills
  • No repair costs
  • Industry leading service
  • Small capital expenditure
  • Potential tax incentives on leased equipment
  • All-inclusive leases

Get the "AAdvantage"

AAdvantage Laundry Systems is a top distributor and services organization of Dexter equipment. As a leading supplier we have a complete parts warehouse and technicians in an area near you.

For more info about AAdvantage-Dexter laundry equipment or about our solutions nursing communities, contact us today.