On-Premise, Commercial Laundry Equipment for Veterinary Clinics

on-premise, commercial laundry equipment for veterinary clinics

Like any healthcare facility, veterinary clinics need to maintain hygienic conditions for the staff and the animals in their care, so having the proper commercial laundry equipment for veterinary clinics is essential. Standard or residential laundry equipment is not equipped for the amount of washing or the deep cleaning required in a veterinary clinic. Commercial laundry equipment will provide the high quality and reliability you need to maintain your animal care facility's cleanliness standards. 

Why Residential Laundry Equipment Can't Meet Commercial Needs

Many times, residential laundry machines cannot hold up to the high demand for cleaning in an animal care facility because of:

Constant use

In-home laundry equipment is not made for continued use multiple times a day. Overuse of ordinary laundry equipment can cause problems such as a shorter operating life. 

Heavily soiled garments

Veterinary clinics and animal care facilities have heavily solid materials for many reasons, including the types of animals the professionals treat, cleaning animal living quarters, medical procedures, etc. An in-home washer and dryer will not perform the functions needed to remove these hazardous stains.

Pet hair and dander

Removing pet hair from clothing can be a challenge, as any pet owner can tell you. For veterinary professionals, pet hair and dander can become a staple on scrubs and medical uniforms. Using in-home washers and dryers to remove these delicate hairs can clog the equipment's system, causing irreparable damage. 

Dexter Commercial Laundry Equipment for Veterinary Clinics

Similar to the healthcare industry for humans, animal care requires sanitary conditions. Bacteria can quickly spread, jeopardizing the animals' safety under your supervision, and impacting your operations. It would help if you had the confidence that your towels and other items are properly cleaned and ready to use. Dexter laundry machines are the perfect additions to veterinary clinics looking for high performing operations for all heavy-duty laundry loads, from linens for animal cages to scrubs for staff. 

We provide an all-inclusive leasing option called CleanCare that includes applications for washers, dryers, and ozone methods. Through this leasing program, your veterinary clinic can lease washers and dryers, such as:

  • Dexter T80 Express dryer – A perfect companion to a Dexter washer, the T80 dryer maximizes efficiency by providing balanced radial airflow and anti-wrinkle features.
  • Dexter T900 washer – With 100 G-force extraction in a 60-pound dry weight capacity, the T900 washer providers our standard 6-cycle microprocessor for increased functionality.
  • Dexter T975 washer – The newest addition to the O-series, the T975 model has the customization to tackle veterinarians' toughest stains.

As Dexter 400G washers are the next generation in technologically advanced machines, the capabilities will exceed your expectations. Some of the benefits of the new Dexter 400G T975 washer include:

  • Ultimate flexibility: A large display gives the Dexter 400G machine a streamlined interface and has multi-language capabilities. For more flexibility, this high-performing machine has 100+ cycles at 20 stages per cycle. 
  • Energy efficiency: 400G T975 machines extract 34% more water than the 60-pound Dexter 100G machine. This allows for dryer fabrics in a shorter amount of time.
  • Labor timesaving: Because drying time is reduced and water is saved, Dexter’s powerful Express Plus 400 G-force extraction allows you more time to run your facility. 

The AAdvantage Leasing Program 

Leasing laundry equipment can sometimes be a complicated process, but with CleanCare, we make leasing our laundry equipment simple and less time-consuming. Our leasing process is straightforward because we provide you with the unit's delivery and removal of your current unit. There are also added cost savings as we offset the installation price, so it functions as the first and last months’ lease fees.

Monthly equipment payments are entirely inclusive of the unit price, delivery costs, and installation. Your fees also include:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Usage service calls
  • Labor and energy costs

With AAdvantage Laundry Systems, you never have to worry about any hidden costs.

Benefits for Veterinary Clinics

With considerable wash loads to manage daily, Animal care facilities need robust laundry equipment with all-inclusive capabilities. AAdvantage Laundry Systems machines are more delicate on fabrics and can get the job done quickly. Benefits of leasing our laundry equipment for veterinary clinics include:

  • Low monthly lease rates
  • Low-cost repairs
  • Lower utility bills
  • Unmatched service
  • Possible tax incentives on leased equipment

Let AAdvantage Help You

AAdvantage Laundry Systems operates with only the top makes and models on the market today. Our commercial washers and dryers will enable you to:

  • Maximize accessible facility space.
  • Complete large loads more quickly with fewer issues.
  • Provide the most effective methods to deal with bulky clothes and boost fabric quality.

Contact AAdvantage Laundry Systems today to learn more about how our products can optimize laundry operations for veterinary clinics.

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