AAdvantage and Dexter Laundry: Tackling Commercial Laundry Equipment to Support Government and Military Requirements

aadvantage and dexter laundry: tackling commercial laundry equipment to support government and military requirements 1Federal facilities such as military installations, correctional institutions, fire departments, and other government agencies have a huge demand for highly engineered laundry equipment. For such demanding and high-volume settings, you need to partner with a reliable company with a robust network of leading manufacturers providing equipment and technology solutions that are built to handle the toughest laundry loads in the government and military Industry.

AAdvantage offers heavy-duty equipment with superior efficiency and durability. Found on bases, ships, submarines, and in barracks worldwide, our equipment delivers exemplary cleaning performance, optimized wash processes, and lower operational costs. These systems ensure that your uniforms and laundry comply with industry sanitation guidelines.

You've made a career serving others. Let's find the right laundry products for your government or military facility.

Serving High Volume Government and Military Industry Clients

When someone works at a job that requires a uniform, there's no compromise to looking their best with a clean, pristine outfit. Even without stains, invisible impurities like dust, debris, sweat, and other bits of moisture can lead to the buildup of dirt and odors, lowering the quality of work garments.

AAdvantage has revolutionized the laundry industry with innovative products fit to tackle any cleaning job and dramatically improve laundry productivity. We work closely with multiple government sectors to deliver a wide range of heavy-duty washers and dryers and best-in-class product warranties from top brands like Dexter.

Why Choose Dexter and AAdvantage for Your Facility's Laundry Needs?

Unmatched Durability

Dexter machines are made of the most durable materials and tested for rigorous use to ensure they can withstand the toughest laundry environments. This means you'll have laundry equipment you can rely on, meaning less downtime and a greater return on your laundry solution.


Dexter commercial washers are designed with your productivity needs in mind. Featuring highly programmable features and state-of-the-art controls, they provide total control over wash and dry cycles, allowing you to customize specific load types.

Process Loads Quickly

Dexter's high capacity per load washing machines and dryers let you do more with less. Their washer-extractors handle more throughput, with extraction speeds up to three times faster than most machines, cutting down on drying time. 

Space Savings

For optimal space usage, you can choose from Dexter's range of stackable washing machines/dryers that deliver exceptional capacity in a small footprint. These machines feature compact designs engineered to fit within limited spaces/unique environments.

Protect Your Linen

Great laundry machines don't just clean linen and uniforms; they also reduce costs and extend garment life. With high-speed extracts, safe chemical injection, and unrivaled drying technology, you'll enjoy a first-class, gentle, yet thorough clean that preserves the life of your items.

Enhanced Safety and Usability

Not only are our machines designed with safety in mind, but they are easy to use so that you can stay focused on more pressing matters.

Achieve Laundry Efficiency with Ease

No matter what your laundry operation requires, you can be sure that AAdvantage has a solution. We have an extensive catalog of equipment to best meet your needs, from washers to dryers, ozone sanitation systems, flatwork ironers, and other ancillary items.

We take the time to understand your individual goals and deliver custom turn-key laundry solutions that sufficiently address the time-sensitive demands of the industry. Our clients receive ongoing comprehensive support, including access to parts, services, and support. 

We also provide a complimentary on-site visit for site selection support, laundry facility design, operation analysis, flexible financing options, and much more.

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Whether building a new or upgrading an existing laundry operation, partner with a dependable source committed to providing value. We deliver prompt service, stand behind our work with industry-leading warranties, and focus on exceptional customer satisfaction. We hope to exceed your expectations and establish ourselves as a trusted provider of essential laundry products for government and military facilities. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment offerings.

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