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Fire outbreaks today are more dangerous than ever. Buildings are brimming with a lot more than just wood, bricks, and glass. When flames interact with synthetic material, electronic equipment, and plastic, it causes carcinogens to be released into the atmosphere.

Once released, these carcinogens can lead to fatal illnesses, including myeloma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, prostate, and testicular cancers. Firefighters are vulnerable to disease not only because pathogens are in the air, but they can also stick to exposed gear, ultimately passing onto the skin and into the bloodstream.

Clean protective gear is crucial to protecting firefighters

While there are several commercial washers and dryers available on the market, your crew needs a system that can clean gear quickly and efficiently, making it available for emergencies as they happen. As a leading distributor of fire department commercial washer and dryer for firefighters, AAdvantage Laundry Systems can provide the top equipment for fast wash and drying times along with specific product features that remove dangerous chemicals and carcinogens.

Specific on-premise laundry equipment, such as Dexter washers, Dexter dryers, and Cir-Cul Air drying cabinets, remove pathogens from your crew’s gear and come with industry-specific wash cycles, temperature recording, and fire response systems. These decontaminate your equipment while minimizing fabric damage, extending gear life, and saving you from spending on constant repairs to your machines.

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That’s not all. At AAdvantage Laundry, we understand that firefighters’ turnout gear requires adherence to safety protocols. Hence, we comply with NFPA 1851 rules and regulations when we provide services to fire stations.

Moreover, being a full-service provider, our certified representatives are available to guide and train your personnel in laundry procedures from start to finish.

As part of our firehouse solutions, our experts deliver the equipment to your station’s doorstep, install dispensing equipment, set up appropriately timed wash cycles, and provide you with useful tools to help you work with our commercial washers and dryers.

We can also provide biodegradable, antibacterial disinfectants, as well as automatic chemical injection pumps.

Firefighters are heroes. They risk their lives by jumping into burning buildings and rescuing them from dangerous situations. Offer them the best protection possible in the aftermath of exposure to fire through decontaminated gear.

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What You Need to Know to Meet NEPA 1851 Guidelines

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