Continental Girbau On-Premise Laundry

Continental Girbau, Inc.

We are industry innovators. Continental vended and commercial laundry products bring real-life solutions to a variety of industries and applications. Engineered for unrivaled performance, durability and ease-of-use, Continental washers, dryers, feeders and ironers work in concert to save energy and maximize throughput and production. We offer the largest breadth of laundry products and systems in the industry!

Commercial On-Premise Laundry Equipment

Industries Served

Hotels & Motels
Athletic Laundries
Bed & Breakfasts
Camping & RV Parks
Correctional Facilities

Dairy Farms
Fire Departments
Healthcare Facilities
Water Parks

Party/Linen Rental
Professional Fabricare
Salons & Spas
Vet Clinics