Looking for Dexter Coin Laundry Solutions? You May Want to Think About Dexter Card and Mobile Payment Systems Instead. Here’s Why.

dexter coin laundry stacked machine from aadvantageFor decades the U.S. Mint has produced billions of coins every year and supported the circulation of that currency through banks, retailers, and consumers. In fact, since mid-June of 2020, the Mint was operating at full production capacity and produced 14.8 billion coins, a 24 percent increase from the 11.9 billion coins produced in 2019[1].

However, the Covid-19 pandemic drastically disrupted typical circulation patterns for U.S. coins and created a perceived shortage of coins on the market. While this may not be an issue for those who believe coins are an antiquated currency, many commercial laundry systems still use them.

The future of those types of machines may be uncertain, but the need for a way to pay for laundry is still there. Those who are still using coins for their commercial laundry equipment might want to rethink that strategy.

Dexter Coin Laundry Solutions Vs. Dexter Card and Mobile Payment Systems

Today’s Dexter laundry systems are some of the most advanced on the market. They include new power-efficient models that use less water and dry faster. They even have sensors that will automatically turn the machines off when laundry is dry not to over dry them. What you may not know is that the latest Dexter models include payment systems that don’t require coins. Why is this a good thing? Convenience, safety, and reporting.

Convenience and safety

The world has changed since the pandemic hit. People are more aware of what they touch, what they breathe, and even what they wear. For Laundromat owners, for example, our “new normal” consider store layouts that reduce touchpoints, allow for social distancing and expand payment options to a lower touch model. Inserting coins does not exactly fit into that model.

Mobile payment platforms reduce touchpoints. One such platform that reduces the need for Dexter coin laundry solutions is DexterPay. With this convenient and cost-effective mobile app, you can offer secure mobile payment along with traditional payment options, such as cards or coins. Flexibility and convenience maximize your revenue and increases turnover. The best part: DexterPay has no annual fees or hidden costs. You only pay when a customer uses the app.

Analytics and reporting allow for better decision making

While you may not be used to seeing how your coin laundry equipment performs, DexterLive is a platform that seamlessly connects Dexter laundry equipment to the cloud. This provides unparalleled analytics and a level of control you never thought possible. Know your customers’ habits to help you grow your business and manage your store anytime and anyplace, even while you are on vacation. It’s FREE to set up once you have a DexterLive network installed.

Here are just a few of the advantages of switching from Dexter Coin Laundry Solutions to a mobile platform


As an owner, DexterPay offers several advantages for you and your customers:

  • A BETTER CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – Creating a best-in-class retail laundry experience is key growing your business. With the DexterPay app, give customers the options they want to keep them coming back.
  • CUSTOMERS PAY AS THEY GO – There’s no need for customers to pre-load funds to their DexterPay account. Give them a great experience with flexibility.
  • INCREASE YOUR TRAFFIC – Why limit your customers to the cash in their pockets. Don’t make them wait for payday to do their laundry. Get them in and out even when their paycheck hasn’t arrived yet.
  • INCREASE YOUR REVENUE – DexterPay makes it easy to upgrade with PLUS cycles defaulted to “on,” providing a better wash experience and increasing your average vend.
  • REWARD YOUR CUSTOMERS FOR LOYALTY- DexterPay makes it easy to reward customers and manage your business through an adaptable and customizable loyalty program.
  • NO THIRD-PARTY SYSTEMS – No machine modifications needed. A single -source for technical support and no worrying about third-party system integration.
  • NO UPFRONT COSTS, NO ANNUAL FEES – Really. None. Zip. Once your location is connected with DexterLive, access is complimentary. No annual fees, and only pay when the app is used.
  • TARGETED CUSTOMER PROMOTIONS – In the DexterPay portal, you can access customer analytics data to optimize marketing efforts and target return customers.
  • REDUCED OVERHEAD – DexterPay deposits your money directly into your account. Fewer coins in the vaults mean reducing your collection cycle, vandalism risk, and overhead.
  • DIFFERENTIATE FROM THE COMPETITION – Every vendor on the market does not offer mobile pay. Offering mobile and card flexibility is just another way to stand out and increase customer satisfaction.

Here’s How to Take AAdvantage

AAdvantage Laundry Systems has worked with Dexter Coin Laundry Solutions and Dexter Card and Mobile Payment Systems for years. We are experts at giving you the advantage mentioned above. Although some owners may not be ready to go totally “coinless” or “cashless,” offering mobile payment solutions, until coin circulation reaches pre-covid levels, it’s a great time to take a mobile payment approach.

For more information on laundry equipment and mobile payment options, reach out to our team at AAdvantage Laundry Systems.

[1] https://www.federalreserve.gov/faqs/why-do-us-coins-seem-to-be-in-short-supply-coin-shortage.htm