The Dexter Commercial Coin-Operated Washer and Dryer:
An Investment in Laundry Success

the dexter coin-operated washer and dryer: an investment in laundry success 1Are you looking to invest in a proven business with high returns?  With the use of Dexter coin-operated washers and dryers supported by service provider AAdvantage Laundry Systems, you can have a viable new source of income with a high ROI.

Dexter Laundry began in the late 1800s and acquired its name from world champion race horse Dexter. Living up to its reputation as a leader, Dexter laundry equipment's founder borrowed from the design of hand-powered washer-wringer models of the day and reinvented them. His creation: The earliest hand and foot-powered washers made of wood slats bound together with metal bands. Selling price: $15.

Since the days of hand-cranked machines, we've come a long way, but nonetheless, Dexter has continued to innovate. Today, Dexter's coin-operated washers and dryers are proven, reliable machines manufactured right here in the USA. Dexter washers and dryers boast the highest quality and performance in laundry systems. Each machine is manufactured to ensure your investment success. Year after year, each machine is tested to perform and last even in the harshest laundry environments. This thorough testing ensures that cycle after cycle, Dexter washers and dryers are as reliable on day one as they are on day 1,001.

Dexter and AA out delivers the competition

These durable machines offer university campuses, condos, or apartment buildings greater efficiency and performance than their counterparts. Take the Dexter Commercial C-Series, for example. It boasts efficient operating costs, powerful g-force extraction, and a wide range of programming that outdelivers the competition.

Not only will Dexter give you a higher return on investment due to their quality, but you will also experience energy savings by minimizing energy peaks and reduced power consumption. Dexter's high-speed extraction further reduces energy costs by reducing drying time which allows for faster customer turnover. Additionally, these machines meet maximum efficiency standards through better wiring and improved design.

The Dexter Mobile Experience: Marketing, Payments & Reporting

Mobile apps are not just for online banking and "Candy Crush." Mobile apps have infiltrated every industry and are proven to provide an on-the-go method of managing a business. Your laundry facility is no exception.

Dexter Pay allows your clients to use traditional payment options like integrated card systems and coin drops and secure mobile payment options.  The platform also "speaks" with your machines and includes infrared communications, programming capabilities, and advanced marketing features.

With Dexter Pay, there is no annual fee, you only pay when your customers use the app, and it is free to set up using the Dexter Live network.

Dexter products are built to last

Performance matters to Dexter, and as an investor or business owner, you need a durable and reliable product. Dexter's top-notch construction protects your investment with an industrial welded steel frame and stainless steel doors that resist wear and tear. Optional stainless steel front panels and stainless steel cylinders keep your equipment attractive for a lifetime.

Each machine is coated with a 6-stage pre-treat process and baked-on finish, inside and out to protect against corrosion. This process extends the lifetime of your washers and dryers as

You need a Full-Service Partner

Speaking of out delivering, as the leading distributor and service provider for Dexter in the Southwest, AA provides onsite delivery, maintenance, and ongoing service. Our field service technicians can support any laundry challenge, from facility design to washer and dryer maintenance. We stock parts on all Dexter machines and can have them out to you with minimal downtime.

Founded in 1996, AAdvantage Laundry Systems is one of the largest volume distributors in the Southwest. Contact us today to discuss installing and supporting Dexter washers and dryers for your laundry facilities.