Dexter Commercial Laundry Equipment Distributor. A Competitive Advantage from AAdvantage

dexter laundry equipment distributorAAdvantage has been a leading distributor of commercial laundry equipment for over 25 years. While different types of machines fit different needs and industries, there is one thing we never compromise on: quality. Each product we include in our portfolio has been hand-picked for its reliability, quality, and high energy efficiency capabilities. This is why we've selected Dexter commercial laundry equipment as our manufacturer of choice.

Whether you're starting a new business or want to expand your existing operation, we can help you maximize your laundry productivity with the best commercial washers and dryers. If you are unsure of what you need, we're here to help.

Choose the Perfect Laundry System from Our Top Product Selection

With countless equipment options to choose from, it can be challenging to pick a product that accommodates the specific needs of your laundry facility. Not everyone has the time to become an expert on laundry equipment, and the truth is that you shouldn't have to. We can recommend the right laundry equipment mix to help streamline your laundry operations and boost your business's bottom line.  

One of the reasons we often recommend Dexter commercial laundry equipment is the flexibility offered by their line of machines. There is a laundry solution for every application, ranging from vended machines to on-premise and industrial and commercial laundry machines. All laundry equipment is engineered for maximum reliability, durability, and high performance. With innovative features and upgrades like DexterLive Controls, laundry managers can choose the perfect cycle offerings to save utility costs and boost revenue generation.

The combination of cutting-edge functions, custom-programmed controls, and affordable pricing puts Dexter commercial laundry equipment above your average laundry system and answers the question of why we choose to include so many of its machines in our product catalog. 

Why Trust AAdvantage with Your Next Laundry System Upgrade?

Unmatched Performance and Durability

Dexter laundry systems are built to withstand the harshest laundry environments. Each machine is designed for constant rigor use while running at high extract speeds and an extreme out-of-balance load, which further attests to the system's reliability. 

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our goal isn't to sell the most expensive systems available but those that are a good fit for our customer's long-term needs. Whenever possible, our priority is finding a product that meets your expectations while also falling within your budget. Additionally, we give access to both leasing and financing options at competitive rates.

Dexter commercial laundry equipment undergoes extensive testing to ensure you're supplied with machines that are built to last. This means fewer repairs and less money spent on replacement parts—making your initial purchase a significantly more cost-effective investment.

Dependable After-Sale Service

We don't just sell Dexter commercial laundry machines and other laundry systems and send you on your way—we offer lifetime technical support to answer questions and provide guidance in case of a problem. AAdvantage is with you at every step, from site selection and layout design to operations setup, routine maintenance, and repairs. A new laundry system is a huge investment, and the main benefit of purchasing through us is that help and assistance are always available.

Quality Products to Boost Your Laundry Throughput

Regardless of industry, our experts can help you narrow down your options to the type of machine that ultimately improves your laundry operations. Our laundry machines are built to provide the same top-notch user experience years after the initial purchase. 

Over the years, we've earned a solid reputation for high-quality laundry equipment and exceptional customer service. We're proud to be an authorized supplier of the Dexter line of equipment and stay committed to ensuring your next laundry project is a success. Get in touch with us for a free consultation and find the ideal Dexter washer and dryer that meets your needs.

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