Dexter Commercial Washing Machines for Lease

dexter commercial washing machines for leaseIf you are looking for reliable Dexter commercial washers and dryers for lease, AAdvantage Laundry can make the process of finding the right equipment easy and cost-effective.

When it comes to laundry service, it matters to have an efficient and reliable machine for your on-premise laundry facility. If you are considering starting a laundry business or upgrading your commercial cleaning machines, leasing your washing machines through our RightRoute program is often a better option.

AAdvantage Laundry Systems is a market leader in the commercial laundry equipment distribution business, providing business owners with quality coin-operated laundry equipment and on-premise commercial laundry equipment. When you lease commercial laundry machines with us, we will customize your plan to your unique situation and facility. From facility design to installation and ongoing maintenance, you can trust us to apply our knowledge and expertise to ensure you receive the best support for your machines and laundry amenities.

To run a successful business that yields increased ROI while maintaining high customer retention, you’ll want to upgrade with proven laundry machines from a reputable brand like Dexter.

Access to High-Quality Dexter Commercial Washers and Dryers

dexter commercial washing machines for lease 1Dexter is a leading laundry equipment manufacturer offering tremendous machines for commercial applications. Laundry professionals and managers have chosen to work with Dexter commercial washers and dryers for lease as the perfect laundry solutions for their businesses. These laundry systems are primarily used in laundromats, apartment buildings, condos, and university campuses, thanks to their high performance and energy-efficient functions. 

The Dexter C series boasts power-packed G-force extraction, lower operating costs, and a wide range of programming controls that take your laundry experience to the next level. High-speed extraction capabilities significantly reduce drying time, allowing for faster client turnover. Not only do Dexter products provide a higher ROI due to their high quality, but they also help save on labor costs and energy savings.  

With such cutting-edge technology and improved design, you would naturally expect Dexter products to come with a higher price tag, which is why we recommend leasing them from a reliable dealer. By partnering with AAdvantage, we can help you find the latest equipment innovation that keeps your facility running efficiently.

Dexter Products Lead in Durability

As a business owner, you must invest in durable laundry equipment to recoup your investment and enjoy profits. Dexter combines top-notch construction and design to create long-lasting, high-grade laundry products that can handle the toughest loads day after day. Featuring an industrial welded steel frame and stainless-steel doors that resist wear and tear, your equipment will serve you for many years. Additionally, the machines have a six-stage pre-treatment coating and a baked-on finish to prevent corrosion. 

The Dexter Laundry Mobile Experience

Today, the use of apps cuts across all industries, and the laundry industry is no exception. With the Dexter Live feature, you gain complete control over your laundry service with easy programming, real-time reporting, and remote customer service. Unlike coin-only operated machines, the Dexter Pay app provides various payment options, including mobile payments and integrated card systems, allowing you to stay on top of cashless payments. All these capabilities go a long way in enhancing customer engagement and keeping them returning again and again.

Eliminate Equipment Purchase or Maintainance Worries With RightRoute Program

Are you looking for a hassle-free and convenient way to lease your commercial washing machines? Take advantage of our RightRoute commercial washer and dryer leasing program. Through this revenue-sharing leasing plan, AAdvantage will install your new card or coin-operated machine and remove your old equipment at no upfront cost. 

For a commercial laundry equipment leasing program, try our CleanCare leasing program. Through Cleacare, we lease high efficient machines that often pay for themselves through energy savings, linen, and labor costs. With low monthly payments, the program includes machine cost, freight, installation, preventative maintenance and service calls, labor and parts. No hidden fees. No fine print and the tax advantages offered by leasing.

We also cover the cost of ongoing maintenance and repairs so you can focus on the different aspects of managing your business without worrying about equipment downtime. A notable benefit of using our RightRoute program is that you don’t require an initial capital outlay but enjoy the most friendly lease terms in the market. 

Contact us today to learn how we can work together to deliver the highest quality commercial washers and dryers for lease to ensure your commercial laundry facility thrives for years to come.

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