Dexter Vended Dryers

dexter commercial dryer | dexter stack dryerDexter commercial dryers are designed the same way industrial dryers are manufactured to ensure superior drying performance. Fully perforated drums combined with just the right amount of B.T.U. content have earned Dexter the reputation of having the industry’s best performing dryers. Dexter dryers deliver maximum energy efficiency and superior drying speed, by balancing heat input, tumble speed, air recirculation, and airflow through fully-perforated, large-diameter cylinders. To reduce fuel and electricity costs, both Dexter Express Stack Dryers offer improved efficiency with improved air-flow into and through the dryer as well as increased recirculation.

Engineered to handle the toughest commercial loads, all Dexter dryers feature heavy-duty bearing housings, oversize bearings, as well as hardened trunion-shaft assemblies. Dexter dryers are also built with a welded steel frame and cabinet. After a 6-stage pre-treat process, each cabinet assembly is completely painted inside and out for maximum corrosion resistance. Extra large loading doors are made of stainless steel, which include full view glass, and easy grip handles. Dexter Commercial dryers also feature solid state microprocessor controls and electronic spark ignition. The new right shifted lint drawer allows the dryer to hang onto heated air longer, and integrated venting and dual voltage motors and terminal block allows for quicker and easier installation.

Dryer performance matters and as a business owner, you need a product that’s not only durable and reliable, but energy efficient as well. Dexter’s sturdy construction protects your investment with a heavy-duty welded steel frame and stainless steel doors that resist wear and tear. Optional stainless steel front panels and stainless steel cylinders keep Dexter dryers looking attractive for a lifetime. Our 6-stage pre-treat process and baked-on finish, outside and inside, provide superior corrosion resistance to help keep your dryers looking their best. Like our washers, Dexter dryers are built to last, with heavy-duty bearings housed in a cast iron bearing housing, and a welded steel spider and shaft to keep your dryer running smoothly for years to come.

Programmable with a handheld computer running optional Palm OS™ software, Dexter’s advanced microprocessor controls are easy to program and simple to set-up. Easily modify cycle times, temperatures and cool down with just a couple easy steps. A battery back-up will save your programs in the event of power disruption and an anti-wrinkle feature uses an intermittent tumble to protect your customers clothing. Single gas, electrical, and venting connections simplify installation and extra large lint screens are easy to clean and maintain.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your business without adding additional floor space, Dexter’s “stacked” dryers allow you to increase your drying capacity without using up valuable retail space. With a well-earned reputation of having the best performing stacked dryers available; Dexter has recently made even more improvements to make our stack dryers better than ever before! Our new Express Dexter stack dryer uses less gas, less electricity and dries quicker than ever before.

In January 2008, Dexter Laundry, Inc. introduced their new 50lb BIG Stack™ Express Stacked Dryer. Like Dexter’s 30lb Express Stack Dryer, the new BIG Stack™ offers greater cylinder capacity than the competition, along with fast drying performance and low energy consumption. Dexter’s new Express 50lb stack offers even more capacity for store owners looking to maximize limited space. Dexter’s 50lb BIG Stack™ also features the larger door that is now available on all Dexter 50lb and 80lb single pocket dryers. Your local Dexter distributor can show you how replacing your existing single dryers with Dexter’s Express stack dryers will improve your profits and return on investment.

Also new for 2008, Dexter is proud to announce the release of larger doors on all of our 50 and 80 pound dryer models. With a 13% increase in loading area, Dexter Commercial dryers now offer nearly 100 sq. inches of additional loading area, making them even more convenient for customers or operators who are handling oversized items.

Dexter commercial dryers are available in 30lb, 30lb stack, 50lb stack, 50lb, and 80lb capacities. Easy to install, all Dexter dryers require only single gas, electrical, and exhaust connections. Not only does this save time and money during installation, but it also conserves space and enhances safety. Choose between natural gas or liquid petroleum, white or stainless steel finish.

Dexter Commercial Stack Dryer

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