Dexter 6-Cycle Washers

Dexter On-Premise washers raise the bar for industrial washer performance. High-speed spin extracts more water from a load resulting in lower drying costs. The bottom line is higher profit potential, lower operating costs and more on-premise laundry configurations.

All Dexter on-premise washers are complete with wireless infa-red port communication and Palm Programming capabilities. Key lock access to the controls allows you to decide who can change cycles on your Dexter machine. Dexter Laundry equipment has always offered laundry managers the flexibility to easily change cycles to optimize their laundry performance and efficiency. To help on-premise laundry managers customize their laundry operation to best fit their property’s specific needs.

Dexter 6-Cycle Express Washers

Dexter on-premise EXPRESS washers raise the bar for industrial washer performance. High-speed spin extracts more water from a load resulting in lower drying costs. Laundry owners save energy and customers save time. The bottom line is higher profit potential and more on-premise laundry configurations.difference in your laundry.

Exactly how powerful are Dexter Commercial Express Washers? Dexter Express Washers extract with a G-Force of 200. This is means that Dexter Express Washers remove water with 200 times the force of gravity! This added power will save your laundry money by removing more water and decreasing drying energy.

Both the Dexter T-350 Express washer and T-450 Express models meet CEE* tier 1 specifications and DOE/Energy Star MEF** qualification criteria. Ask your local utility company about available rebates on Energy Star™ and CEE™ commercial washers and how these certified products can save you money on your laundry’s utility bills! Click on each laundry product to learn more about how Dexter Express commercial washers can make a difference in your laundry.

Dexter O Series Washers

Dexter O-Series on-premise washers feature ultimate flexibility. With 100 cycles made up of 20 stages you’ll have the flexibility and precision you need. Industry-specific cycles and make O-Series controls easier than ever to program. Special cycles and heated models are available for applications where precision is critical.

As always, every Dexter washer model is designed to withstand our extreme 1,000 hour out-of-balance test to ensure you get the reliability you need. With lifetime technical support and an industry leading 10-year limited warranty, you can be confident that we will stand behind every washer you invest in.

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