Improving the Management of Your On-Premise Laundry Room with Dexter On-Premise Laundry Equipment

improving the management of your on-premise laundry room with dexter on-premise laundry equipment 1With the rapid evolution of commercial laundry facilities comes a new vision for laundry management. Dexter's on-premise laundry equipment is at the forefront of this evolution, offering businesses and organizations a more ready solution that serves their laundry needs better.

If you have a business with a high laundry turnover, you may have considered different options for handling it. While outsourcing your laundry operations may seem viable, you should consider how much more you could achieve by leveraging OPL (on-premises laundry) capabilities.

Overview of the OPL Laundry Market

The on-premise laundry market is witnessing significant growth, with many businesses and organizations choosing to use in-house laundry solutions. According to recent industry reports, the global OPL market is projected to expand at an average rate of 5% annually through 2026, providing significant growth opportunities in emerging markets. 

This growth is fueled by a number of factors, key among them being;

  • Technological advancements in laundry equipment
  • Growing inclination of consumers towards hygiene
  • Increased demand for energy-efficient laundry equipment
  • Demand for cost-effective laundry solutions

Dexter, A Great Choice for On-Premise Laundry Facilities

Today, businesses are looking to optimize their on-premise laundry operations with high-capacity washing machines and dryers that can efficiently, quickly, and reliably handle large volumes of laundry. At AAdvantage, we understand that quality laundry equipment is integral to the operations of numerous businesses, and we can help you find an optimal equipment mix customized to your facility.  

Dexter offers a complete line of dependable washing and drying on-premise solutions specifically designed for commercial and institutional use. These machines are built to last, with robust construction and advanced features that guarantee consistent, high-quality laundry results while giving you total control of your laundry operation.

Industry-Leading Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support

In addition to quality machines, Dexter stands out as a manufacturer that offers best-in-class warranties and lifetime technical support for its laundry equipment. All laundry equipment is covered under a  reliable warranty which provides protection for parts and labor for a time period dependent on the type and model of the product, usually ranging between 3 to 10 years.  

Dexter Laundry Replacement Parts

Besides helping you find quality Dexter OPL machines, AAdvantage offers the support necessary to run a successful laundry facility. Even better, we stock all the most commonly requested Dexter OPL parts, so if something should go wrong, we can assist with repairs quickly. Our collection of Dexter genuine parts includes:

For Dexter Washers:

9379-183-012 WATER VALVE

9379-187-001 DRAIN VALVE

9732-283-001 DOOR LOCK

For Dexter Dryers:

9857-182-001 IGNITION BOX

9857-193-001 GAS VALVE

9822-031-002 LINT FILTER

Why Invest in Dexter On-Premise Laundry Equipment?

Cost Savings

With Dexter's revolutionary features, such as programmable cycles, automatic chemical dispensing, and energy-efficient capabilities, businesses can optimize their laundry process for maximum efficiency and cost savings. Additionally, better fabric care is possible over traditional outsourcing of laundry services, thus lessening the necessity for the frequent purchase of linens and uniforms.

Quality Control

Increased control over the laundry process helps ensure laundry is processed according to industry-specific standards. With Dexter O-Series washers and dryers or the revolutionary 6-Cycle Express Washers, you can make the most use of all the added operating efficiencies to achieve total control of your laundry room. This guarantees higher quality and consistent results that eliminate the risks associated with outsourcing to third-party laundry services.

Improved Efficiency

A Dexter OPL solution will help reduce the time needed to process laundry, leading to less downtime and faster turnarounds of linen and uniforms. Additionally, it improves scheduling and coordination for laundry services.

Are you looking to improve safety, productivity, or efficiency in your on-premise laundry facility? AAdvantage has got you no matter what phase you're at in your Dexter’s on-premise laundry equipment ownership. Contact us today to learn more about our unique laundry solutions, available financing and leasing options, and how best they cater to your business.

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