Enjoy Providing for Tenants While Boosting Your Budget with On-Site Laundry

enjoy providing for tenants while boosting your budget with on-site laundryAre you a landlord of a multi-unit complex or building? If so, you may have considered on-premise laundry for your tenants. Are there benefits - other than pleasing your renters - to adding these facilities to your property? Absolutely! Check out just a few reasons to do so below:

Bigger Boasting Power

When you’re advertising a property for rent, wouldn’t it be great to have yet another desirable amenity to add to your promotional materials? Adding on-site laundry gives you that power. You would be surprised how many tenants will choose your property over another to apply for when they find out you have on-premise laundry facilities!

Empowering Your Residents

Studies have shown that renters who have easier access to laundry facilities are more empowered and independent, in their employment, their home lives, and their health. How?

When your tenants are able to quickly and conveniently clean their clothes and linens, they can take better care of themselves and their families. They can show up to school, work, and social gatherings with clean clothing and neat appearances, giving them better chances of both feeling great and making a positive impression on others. They can make choices like cloth diapering for their children or cloth napkins and towels for their home, improving their quality of life. There are so many ways that on-site laundry improves your residents’ lives!

Bolstering Your Budget

So, you know that adding laundry facilities to your property is great for your residents - but what about for you?

When you choose coin- or card-operated laundry machines, you offer your residents an affordable laundry solution that can be priced well below the cost of laundromat services. You also ensure that they are more likely to assist with maintenance of the facilities, given that they are asked to invest a nominal amount in their use. But perhaps the best thing you gain from adding these machines to your facilities is the boost in your budget over time from the proceeds of their use! Ready to learn more about how adding on-site laundry to your rental properties can benefit your residents, your advertising power, and your business? Contact the industry experts at AAdvantage Laundry Solutions today!