Fitness Centers Take Advantage of Commercial Washer and Dryer for Sale

fitness centers take advantage of commercial washer and dryer for sale

Fitness centers and health clubs around the globe are expected to bring in 230 million members by 2030. With increasingly health-conscious consumers, the U.S. leads all markets with revenue at over $32 billion.

Competing with individual brands and mega-chains within this profitable industry requires an innovative approach and a deep understanding of profit and loss as well as cost-saving strategies.

Here, we will share one of the cost-saving, customer enhancing opportunities that are easy to implement—state-of-the-art commercial laundry equipment for sale.

Reduce Costs

Operators that analyze the latest exercise equipment’s costs and features may conclude that their dollars are better spent in this area than the equipment that their members never see.

Others elect to not offer towel service due to the extra inventory and laundry costs. But for those seeking to stand out in this crowded market, towel service adds a level of customer service that members appreciate. If you’re looking to create an upscale experience, you’ll also consider adding specialized services that include massage or tanning. These additional revenue streams increase the use of linens and towels but are well worth the added cost.

Some fitness centers rely on outside laundry services, while others utilize washers and dryers intended for home use. Both options are uneconomical. ClassPass reports that a laundry service can cost a fitness center anywhere between $500 and $1,000 per month.

When looking at cost-reducing strategies, it is important to choose units that reduce water usage and save on electricity.  With two lines of products, which include reversing dryer options, Dexter has the products you need. Choose between our state-of-the-art O-Series line for Total Control or our
standard 6-cycle control with simple programming option

Dexter's patented Moisture Detection System with wireless sensing technology takes the guess-work out of drying. Each auto dry cycle automatically stops when the load is dry, increasing throughput and reducing linen wear

Purchasing a commercial washer for sale and a commercial dryer is a cost-effective strategy that pays for itself over time. At AAdvantage Laundry Systems, leasing and purchasing options are available. These programs require no capital outlay and include tax incentives and friendly lease terms.

Increase Efficiency

Successful gyms and health clubs produce an incredible amount of laundry. And with a growing number of these businesses adding spa-like services for their customers, direct operating expense is only growing. Towels, sheets, and uniforms that require deep cleaning can start looking dingy if inappropriate equipment is used, such as those designed for smaller workloads.

With repeated laundering, worn-out inventory that requires continual replacements can lead gym operators to question the viability of in-house laundry services.

Commercial laundry equipment for sale or lease, such as Dexter’s T-650  and T-50 work faster and more commercial washer and dryer efficiently than your home appliances and even most commercial brands. Its state-of-the-art g-force extraction technology quickly removes water, reduces drying time and the wear and tear on linens and towels.

This reduced drying time creates a one-hour window from dry-to dry, leading to reduced inventory needs.

Establishing an on-premise laundry service means you won’t be one of those gyms that run out of clean towels or linens at the end of a busy day, leaving you better prepared to provide your members with the excellent service they have come to expect.


In today’s environment, maintaining a clean facility is critical. Fitness centers are ripe with germs and bacteria that must be controlled. One study found 25 different types of bacteria in four gyms and staph bacteria on every piece of exercise equipment.

These germs can also spread through towels and rags if repeated use and unclean conditions exist.

Members appreciate the attention to detail evident in staff members cleaning equipment between use and clean, fresh towels available for their use.

To provide your members with the service they expect, it is important to note that, unless you are using Dexter equipment, not all commercial laundry equipment for sale works effectively. Dexter’s programmable settings and automatic chemical injection system take any guesswork out of the cleaning process. Your laundry smells, looks, and feels clean, and your customers will notice the results.

AAdvantage Laundry Systems

As the saying goes, the cream always rises to the top. Rising above your competitors by providing your clients with best-in-class service is one of the keys to a successful venture.

With over 40 years of working with fitness centers of all sizes, we understand your needs and the best utilization of your company’s resources.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer service with a commercial laundry solution from AAdvantage Laundry. We’re happy to answer any questions and to select the best option for you and your business. Call us today.

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