Guidelines for Laundry in Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities

guidelines for laundry in nursing homes and long-term care facilitiesNursing facilities are some of the most practical applications for on-site laundry equipment. From medical to everyday messes, the linens in these facilities need frequent and thorough cleaning.

It is important, however, that commercial-grade laundry equipment is used properly in these facilities as well. Laundering can reduce the risk of infections and illness and also keep patients and employees in these facilities safer and more comfortable - but only if done correctly. Here are some tips for doing exactly that:

Minimize the Risk of Infection and Illness During Laundry Transport

All laundry that is transported through the facility should be properly contained, from the patient room to the laundry area and back again. This ensures that germs and soils are unable to spread infection or pose other risks.

Instruct Employees on Proper Washing Techniques

Do your employees know how to launder soiled linens properly? Do they understand what water temperatures to use, and the proper procedure for removing solid soils and handling materials exposed to infectious bodily fluids? Ensure that they do through proper training. You may save lives - as well as plenty of time re-washing your linens.

Keep the Laundry Area Separate from Others

Partition off the laundry area, whether with walls or curtains. The best way to ensure the laundry cleaned in your facility maintains freshness and health safety is to have two separate areas - one for soiled linens and one for clean items waiting to be returned to their proper place. This ensures against cross-contamination and keeps clothes and linens fresher.

Mandate Handwashing

How can you prevent the spread of bacteria and illness throughout your care facility when your staff has to handle soiled linens and other potentially-dangerous materials? Make handwashing a routine for everyone on site. You’ll reduce illness and improve health conditions for patients and staff alike.

Ensure That Laundry Equipment is Well-Maintained

Train your staff on the proper use of your laundry equipment. Make sure that it is clean, well-maintained, and always fully functional. Invest in new equipment as necessary, and lessen the frequency of this necessity by performing regular upkeep to what you already have.

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