Hard Mount Vs Soft Mount Commercial Washer

Have you ever wondered if you need to use a hard-mount or a soft-mount commercial washer? Let’s look at the differences in both the technical and installation factors to consider.

Hard Mount Commercial Washer

Sometimes called solid-mount or rigid-mount machines, hard-mount machines are usually secured to a concrete floor or in certain instances, a separate concrete or steel slab will be mounted to the floor for the machine to be mounted on the secondary slab.

Hard mounted commercial washers and dryers lack shock absorbers and are required to be on the first floor or in the basement of the building to prevent the floor from cracking due to the machine’s vibration.

Soft Mount Commercial Washer

Soft-mount commercial washers and dryers have been growing in popularity in recent years for a few reasons. They are generally easier to install because they don’t require a concrete or steel slab to be mounted on, as hard-mounts do.

Instead, they are constructed within a metal cradle that contains its own shock absorbers. The cradle keeps the washer drum from coming in direct contact with the frame. So between these two features, most soft-mounts have around 97% less vibration than hard-mount washers.

Because of all this, soft-mounts are typically a bit more expensive than hard-mounts. But many of our commercial clients have told us that the installation convenience, reduced vibration, and other benefits more than made up for the slight increase in cost.

Hard Mount Commercial Washers From AAdvantage Laundry

G-Flex Washer-Extractors are Continental's industry-leading hard-mount commercial washers. They are known to generate extract speeds reaching up to 200 G-force and offering highly programmable controls that enable top results and use less power and water than most on the market today. Let’s look at the great features this line of machines offer.

High extract speeds - Most hard-mount washers only can offer 75 to 150 G-force which limits the efficiency of the machine. Continental’s Flex Washers generate an extract speed of 200 G-force that removes the amount of moisture removed from each load. The result is less time needed to dry the load. With better extract speeds your dryers use less energy and gas consumption and make the dry cycles faster.

Programmable extract speeds - With six programmable, adjustable extract speeds, you have the flexibility to meet most laundries' specific foundation requirements. In addition, if your on-premise laundry does not have the 8-inch concrete foundation required to operate a 200 G-force hard-mount washer, these machines can operate on a lesser foundation by adjusting the extract levels as needed.

Single-Phase Power - G-Flex Washers operate on single-phase power – simplifying installation.

Logi Pro Control - As a laundry, you are not just washing one type of fabric or washing with a single load type. The G-Flex line offers superior programmability based on your specific needs. These machines offer 25 individually modifiable programs — each with up to 11 baths and several pre-wash, wash and rinse cycles. It also offers many variables within each bath that can be programmed for maximum  efficiency. Complex programmability does not mean it is difficult to use. Once selected by program number, all you have to do is press “start”.

hard mount vs soft mount commercial washer 1Automatic Chemical Injection - Flexibility does not end with programming. The G-Flex machines offer two ways to dispense chemistry, manually and automatically. The manual method uses a top-mounted dry and liquid chemical dispenser. Automatic chemical injection is also available. The top machine has up to four compartments—one for wash, one for optional pre-wash and two for liquid only bleach and sour/neutralizer products. The machines also have the option of a powerful compartment flushing system to minimize maintenance thought a cleaning that occurs after each cycle. Automatic liquid chemical injection assures a consistent clean with every wash by removing the potential for chemical overuse and fabric damage due to user error.

Energy Efficient - Looking for way to make your business more sustainable and green? G-Flex Washers are sump-less, saving up to three gallons of water with every fill. Our AquaFall feature releases water into each load via holes in the drum lifters to create a better saturation rate and rinsing. This also allows the conservation of water and heating costs.

Durable, easy-to-maintain construction  - Reliable machines are the core of your business. With G-Flex Washers owners get

hard mount vs soft mount commercial washer 2

durable AISI-304 stainless steel inner and outer drums, doors with a steel and coated finish and oversized doors that enable easy loading and unloading. Bolt-style hinges and solid doors withstand the rigors of constant use. Each machine is backed by an industry-leading 5/3-year ContinentalCare™ warranty and AAdvantage installation and maintenance support.

To see all the G-flex models we have in stock, click here.

Soft-Mount Commercial Washers From AAdvantage

The Girabu OPL EH 040 and OPL EH 060 models are soft-mount washers that deliver superior energy efficiency, driving down water, electrical and gas costs while improving productivity. Both units are built with long-term durability in mind utilizing stainless steel inner and outer drums and a fantastic warranty that will keep your operation up and running for years to come.

Look for the same outstanding features as the mounted units, but with the flexibility of freestanding design that makes installation incredibly simple.

We carry these commercial washing machines in both coin- and card-operated models, so you can pick whichever is more attuned to your business needs.

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