How Salons and Day Spas Can Benefit from Commercial Laundry Equipment for Sale from Dexter and AAdvantage Laundry

how salons & spas can benefit from commercial laundry equipment for sale

In 2019, salons and day spas brought in over $66 billion in revenue. Despite this number, many seemingly busy spas are tight on cash and barely making a profit. Others, despite increasing competition, are seeing profit margins greater than the average business. Why is one business more successful than the other? The difference is in the level of customer satisfaction while decreasing costs.

Let’s look at how quality, commercial laundry equipment  can help you achieve these goals.

Increase Satisfied Customers

Many salons & day spas rely on residential washers and dryers to clean and dry their towels, sheets, robes, and rags. Unfortunately, these machines were not designed to wash the laundry created by these types of businesses effectively. They are also not suited to clean soiled laundry from lotions, oils, nail polishes, and hair dyes.

Your customers can tell when the sheets they are laying on are crisp and clean, the towels—white and fluffy, and the robes are soft and luxurious. Quality commercial cleaning equipment is the key to creating consistently clean, fresh-as-new materials your customers come to appreciate.

Commercial laundry equipment, including commercial washers and dryers, are designed for the amount of laundry that salons produce. An example is Dexter’s T-450 SWD Washer Dryer Stack. This technologically advanced model includes an inverter drive that lowers electrical usage and powerful g-force extraction that removes more water, thereby decreasing drying time. The result is a dry-to-dry time of less than one hour.

Ensure a Clean Environment

Now, more than ever, clients are particularly conscientious of businesses taking the appropriate steps to ensure a clean environment. According to Back-to-Work Guidelines developed by a leading industry infection control specialist and per each state’s regulations, you should clean all linens before re-opening. All linens also need to be dried completely, eliminating any dampness or moisture that can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Dexter’s T-450 SWD uses an automatic chemical injection feature providing the exact combination of chemicals needed to ensure the cleanliness of your linens, towels, and uniforms. State-of-the-art patented Moisture Detection Systems take the guesswork out of drying, with each cycle stopping when the wireless sensing technology determines the load is dry. Not only does the process lead to an energy-efficient operation, but it also reduces linen wear.

Create a Sustainable Model

Sustainable business models require awareness of energy and water consumption as well as reducing waste. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of a company’s impact on the environment and knowing if businesses are based on eco-friendly models. According to a recent survey, almost 70 percent of consumers feel it’s important that a brand is sustainable or eco-friendly. Half of these consumers would change their purchases if it reduced the negative impact on the environment.

One important route to a sustainable model involves the use of commercial laundry equipment. Technology has created commercial washers for sale that use less water and dryers that use less electricity. These energy-efficient models reduce your environmental footprint.

Dexter’s T-450 SWD uses an electronic pressure switch to increase efficiency and saves water by offering a range of water levels.

Decrease Costs

Reducing the use of electricity and water is good for the environment and your bottom line. However, there is an additional benefit that may not be so evident. Commercial laundry equipment enables salons to increase their cleaning load and get more linens and towels ready for use in less time. This reduces the investment needed for inventory and increases the number of clients to provide your services.

Space considerations

If you’ve been hesitating to make this important business decision due to limited space, commercial stack washer-dryers are the answer. Dexter’s T-450 SWD is a space-saving combination unit that is ideal for businesses with limited space.

Best in Class Commercial Laundry Equipment

Not every commercial washer and dryer are created equally. AAdvantage Laundry Systems has been working with salons and spas for over 40 years. We understand your needs and the importance of making the right decision for your unique business. To this end, we offer different financing options, installation, lifetime technical support, and industry-leading warranties.

We offer several options and can help you determine which route is best for your business. These include leasing that provides low monthly rental rates and an increased ROI or direct purchasing with flexible financing. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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