How To Increase Your Laundromat Profits

We realize that, like any other company owner, you’re continuously exploring different ways to increase your revenue. Whether your laundry is making a lot of money every month or has hit a plateau in terms of sales and revenue, there is always room for improvement.  With a little effort, you can easily raise your company’s profits and enjoy a thriving business. Read on and think about how you can incorporate these ideas into your own laundromat!

Add New Laundry Services 

how to increase your laundromat profits 1

Adding alternative laundry services is an excellent strategy to increase your laundromat revenues. You might charge extra for services such as washing/drying, folding, ironing, dry cleaning, and a pickup or drop-off service. By introducing these extra services, you will notice an increase in revenue flow from not just current customers who use these handy services, but also from new consumers who are drawn to your new amenities. When you decide to add a handful of new and valuable services to your laundry, you’ll be able to observe a significant increase in revenue.


Install Vending Machines 

Customers frequently get the munchies while waiting for their laundry to wash and dry. Consider purchasing or leasing vending machines to satisfy your consumers and boost your profits. Aside from vending machines that offer snacks and beverages, you might also install a machine that sells laundry products. If your clients forget to bring their own items, they may purchase your vended boxes of laundry detergent and fabric softener.

Offer Entertainment

how to increase your laundromat profits 2It’s no secret that laundromats aren’t the most exciting places for customers to go during the day. Install a few TVs in the main area with channels such as local news/weather, sports, and movies playing to keep your patrons entertained. Other low-cost options to engage your customers include free WiFi, a small community library, and board or arcade games. Remember that small details make a big difference, and providing a few entertainment choices will surely attract more clients and increase your revenue! 

Lower Utility Costs 

Managing your utility expenditures is a simple method to increase your laundry profitability. Installing water and energy-efficient coin-operated commercial laundry equipment will help you control your utility bills. Dexter Laundry C-Series Front Load Washers and Tumble Dryers are examples of energy-efficient laundry equipment that have been shown to cut utility bills. . Purchase energy-efficient laundry machines and watch your revenues soar!

Modernize your Equipment how to increase your laundromat profits 3

When it comes to optimizing a company’s earnings, efficiency is critical; the same is true for laundromats. This update brings with it a slew of advantages that both you and your customers will appreciate. We recommend Dexter laundry machines with Dexter Live. The DexterLive network seamlessly connects Dexter machines to the cloud to provide unprecedented analytics and control giving you the freedom to manage your store anywhere, anytime, from any device. With a connected laundromat owners can help limit service visits while avoiding all accompanying costs. You’ll also get thorough information on individual sales, inventory monitoring, hardware integration, and more  Another win-win situation is a mobile payment option, which reduces upfront costs for owners while simplifying the laundry experience for customers.

AAdvantage Laundry Systems will be delighted to work with you to achieve your business goals. We’re here to help you every step of the way, from financing your laundry equipment through continuing maintenance and support. We work with laundry investors in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, North and South Carolina. To learn more, contact one of our commercial laundry professionals now.