Industrial Laundry Washers and Dryers Built Around Your Needs

As a business, facilities, or operations manager, your eyes are probably always on methods to increase productivity. Therefore, you know and appreciate the value of maximum quality and maximum performance.

Industrial washers and dryers are built to perform at exceptional levels and withstand repetitive daily use, and AAdvantage is proud to install and support premium commercial washers and dryers for our customers.

Without the right equipment, you risk several issues:

  • Downtime that creates a backup in a facility
  • Receiving bad customer service with poor reviews - resulting in the loss of sales
  • Longer hours by employees to catch up
  • Can cause more wear and tear on uniforms and beddings, requiring replacement
  • The need to use more detergent, water, and electrical energy - results in higher costs.

AAdvantage offers innovative and modern machines from leading companies that match our industrial clients' needs, including light commercial laundromat equipment, tumble dryers, heavy-duty industrial washing machines, ironers, folders, feeders, conveyors, and more.

Why Use Industrial Washers and Dryers for Your Needs?

There are a wide range of commercial laundry equipment on the market today. Each unit is designed for a specific needs based on volume of laundry needed, power requirements and space, end-user specific requirements and more.  Common features of industrial equipment include:

Durable Construction:  Industrial machines are commonly made of steel and are built to withstand continuous use and pressure.

Rugged: One of the key advantages of opting for industrial laundry equipment is that, unlike residential machines, industrial machines are made to last and tested for prolonged use to perform year after year.

Repair and Service: Even if you do need occasional service, when  you work with AAdvantage, your machines will be up and running in no time with our factory-trained staff and in-stock parts.

User-Friendly Interfaces: Program your machines to minimize training and washer/dryer error via a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and delivers customized solutions based on your users.

Warranties: Get industry-leading warranties on all of our equipment and be assured as little downtime as possible.

AAdvantage Offers a Wide Range of Industrial Laundry Equipment

There is a diverse array of applications for industrial laundry equipment, so we stock a wide range of equipment.

We serve clients in the hospitality, health care facilities, commercial plants, correctional facilities, dry cleaning, and retail industries. Each client has their own needs and preferences, and our machines cater to all of them.

We are proud to sell Girbau Industrial equipment to our commercial and industrial companies, who need a comprehensive laundromat equipment line. The range includes wetwork, flatwork, and standard industrial washers and dryers to meet the needs of all clients.

Another important name in our lineup is Braun, a company known for crafting tough, reliable, and incredibly efficient machinery that helps boost the bottom line. A notable feature of Braun Equipment is the Braun WashNet Software, which is an incredibly innovative interface that allows for flexible use and custom results.

For those concerned with conserving resources and improving their company's carbon footprint, B&C offers many great solutions, such as the HS-Series High-Performance Washer-Extractors built to deliver quick laundry solutions that reduce electrical, water, and gas consumption.

Rounding out AAdvantage's collection of industrial manufacturers is White Conveyors, which offers various garment-handling solutions to a large range of industrial clients. The company has over seven decades of experience working in the industrial marketplace, improving line productivity and producing reliable systems.

An All-inclusive Laundry Experience

Your company cannot afford downtime, which is why AAdvantage stocks most major parts for the systems and machines we carry. From drain valves to control boards, we have the part you need.

We also offer repair services to every client we work with and have a fully stocked warehouse to reduce turnaround time. In addition, AAdvantage offers an emergency weekend service for OPL equipment. 

Our team is experienced and trained to find the quickest solution to get your laundry systems operational again.

Whether it is time to replace your commercial washer and dryer equipment or a repair is necessary, the team at AAdvantage Laundry can help. Contact us today for more information.

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